Saturday, August 20, 2011


Tomorrow we're spending all day at a bluegrass festival...Lake Cumberland Bluegrass Festival.

I get to hear Steve Day on the fiddle, playing with David Parmley and Continental Divide, and the Lindseys will be playing as well. I'm not personally a huge fan of DP & CD, but Day's fiddle is great. It's going to be fun...hope the weather stays nice! We've got picnic stuff all ready, and are looking forward to it.

Well, I am. I think Dad is, too, and maybe Titus. I know Mom, Dave, and Philip aren't too crazy about going... :( They're not big into bluegrass like I am. Titus is going crazy learning hard intro stuff on the banjo (Ron Stewart playing with Dan Tyminski) by ear, so he's all into my CDs right now. He'll enjoy it, I think.

Here's my post from this time last year.

Last weekend, my family and I went to Lake Cumberland Bluegrass Festival. The highlight of the event was the evening show by J.D. Crowe. He had played earlier in the day, and I was somewhat dissapointed because he didn’t have a fiddle player with him. But, when he got up to play his evening show, there was a fiddler with the band, and turns out, it was Ronnie Stewart! So I was pretty excited! I also just wanted to share a few pictures of my ever-enthusiastic family, trying to put on the show of having a grand time at a bluegrass festival.

And Mom and Philip were trying to amuse themselves by…walking!

We had these wraps for lunch, and I’ll blog on those another time…


Sooo...maybe everyone will be more enthusiastic tomorrow? Maybe I should remind everyone to bring pillows this year...


See y'all!

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