Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just Me

I'm making bread. I've gotten out of the habit and I'm not sure why. Guess it's easier to buy a loaf at the store but the cheap ones don't taste good and the expensive ones are just that. And none of them are as healthy as homemade. It's a gorgeous day door is open because our house is hot. It got pretty cool in here last night so Jacob built a fire in our stove before he went to work this morning. It warmed it up a little more than necessary so I've had the door open. Our dog (a miniature dachshund, Lizzie) took that as an invitation to watch me work in the kitchen. The kids are asleep and we're almost of bread so I decided to make some. I'd forgotten how much I liked kneading it...only I have to chuckle now as the bread bowl bumps repeatedly into my once again growing belly. Yep...there's another little Ellis on the way. This one's a boy...we didn't announce it (although I'm sure people thought I was sure getting fat) until a couple weeks ago. We went and got an ultrasound just because we thought it would be neat...and it was. Having homebirths with a midwife, I usually don't have ultrasounds, but we wanted to take a peek and see what this one would be. I'm 18 weeks now...nearly halfway there. Baby boy should make his arrival sometime around the middle of March. 

Life is pretty much normal these days. Busy with a husband and two little kids and housework and all the things that that entails. In my spare time I do a little custom sewing...anything from baby gifts to curtains to skirts. I would trade it all for anything. This is the life. 😊

Monday, April 6, 2015

Life These Days!

My life is pretty well documented by my iPhone's photo stream, so I figured I'd post some random pics and elaborate on them. Once again, forgive typos as I'm typing with thumbs on a phone. :) 
This was a long time ago now. Aaron was a big help carrying wood in for the stove all winter. 
This girlie is just cute. Also a long time ago. 
This desk was given to me. So I turned it into this: 
I decided I really like to paint. I made my own chalk paint for this. 

I also painted my door. 
We're close to done with my pretty laundry room! I made these curtains to cover up cluttered shelves where I keep laundry soap and all that stuff. 

Jacob bought this beauty a few months ago. I LOVE it and it's the highlight if my red kitchen. If you can't tell, I'm really into the red and turquoise right now. I'll probably hate it eventually. Lol! 

These two are something else. Totally adorable together! 
We played scrabble on cold snowy days. 
It snowed. A LOT. We got like a lot of inches...18 total maybe? 12 one day and a few days later bunches more. I'm good at precise measurements like that. 
This is what happens when I take hubby in Joann's...
Love this wall words thingy in my kitchen. :) 
He likes Chloe's headbands. 
Chloe occasionally leaks. 
We drank yummy coffee. 
Aaron's a dirty little boy. What else would I expect? He loves mud. 
Darn if she isn't still cute! 
We're in the process of building railing around the whole porch. This was taken a few weeks ago and we have a couple more sections done now. 
He squeezes mommy tight. :)
Jacob bought me new running shoes for my birthday. birthday is a whole 'nother story. We went to Louisville and got lost all day. Fun time and funny memories. We did eat Olive Garden, which pretty much made up for everything else. 
Found Aaron a hat at a thrift store so he can stop stealing daddy's. 
And this. This is my life. I love this. 
This is what happens when Uncle E comes over. 
Aaron really likes taking pictures with me. 

So that's about it. Jacob's still working in ft. Knox so he's gone a LOT...a regular week is about 60 hrs. My days are full of house stuff, babies, meal planning and cooking, and I've recently taken up running with a couple of my sisters in law. I started a couple months ago and hurt my knee a couple weeks in. I got the new shoes and now I'm on week 2 again. This morning we ran 30 seconds and walked 30 seconds...for 30 min. It sounds easier than it is, at least when you're as out of shape as I am. Lol We should be able to run a 5k in a couple months. Mmhhmm. 

Guess that's all folks. See ya later! :)