Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Still here

Time is a funny thing, you know? Life happens, you're in your twenties and you think life is passing you by, then all the sudden you wake up and you've been married almost four years with three kids. Life is monotonous at times, but at the same time new every day. All the sudden you laughingly tell your three year old "you're weird!" and he comes back with "you're weird too!" Well...ok then. You're cooking supper and your husband is wrestling with the two older babies in the kitchen floor while the new baby watches and laughs from his swing. And you think life is near perfect. 

But it's not sometimes. You had three babies really fast and now you're fat. How in the heck did that happen? So you try to fit in exercise, you quit eating junk and all the sudden it's a month and a half later and you're down 15 lbs. Got a long way to go but it's working. You still hate the treadmill but you like how you feel when you get done. Your husband likes you (a lot) no matter what but he does come up and grab you from behind, kisses your neck, and says "you're getting skinny" Haha...those rose colored glasses are something else. 

It's scary, too...this grown up, responsible life. Seems like yesterday I birthed a baby and everybody cried and said "it's a girl! You got a girl!" Now it's nearly two years later and we're in the middle of Doctor visits and on the brink of being immersed in therapies and specialists trying to figure out why our adorable, sweet, cuddly, loving baby girl can't walk or talk. I'm not sure what to think at this point...just trying to do what needs to be done and take one step at a time. 

So, life is crazy and just when you think it can't get any busier, it does. 

4th of July parade

Chloe sure does love Oliver 

Pretty girl

Chillin on the porch

Our garden is coming along. I didn't get all of it in this picture. 

We'd bought a newer explorer last December (my old one is getting on up there and it's small) and we drove it for a while after Jacob got it all fixed up and running (long story there...so glad for a handy hubby!) but it was still tight. It was an '03 so it was made bigger than my '97 but we still had three car seats across the middle and it was just..small. So, Jacob found another great deal (he's really good at that) and bought me an '08 minivan. So now I think I'm something. Lol not really, but it's the nicest thing we've ever had..and super roomy. I had to screenshot my Instagram picture...couldn't find my original. 

It also gets good gas mileage, which is a huge plus, since we live 30 minutes from anywhere. 😏 This is an exaggerated picture...after driving long straight stretches. But it still averages 20-something easily. 

Here's me with the little bud a while back now. 

That's all folks...