Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Aaron Lee Ellis!

He arrived June 6th, eight days after my due date. He was 7lb 13oz and 21 inches long. He was slow getting here and took an awful lot of work to get out! The short version of the story is that I dilated to 10cm with little pain or regular contractions but then I pushed every 2 minutes for 6 hours. I was in labor for about 24 hours, starting Wednesday morning and he was born at 4:54 Thursday morning. We had a homebirth and I'm really grateful for that...I really feel sure I would have had a c-section had I been in the hospital due to the length of my labor. I was completely exhausted by the time it was over and the midwives put me on oxygen for the last hour or so, to help me get through the last little bit. Turns out, he had his hand up by his head while he was being born, which definitely didn't help anything, and that was after I got past a cervical lip and a certain muscle that he had a hard time getting past. I'm doing pretty good now, and Aaron's great! 

So there's the latest update from the Ellis family!