Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Pictures...and more

Aaron is 8 1/2 months old now and he's crawling around like crazy and getting into everything. He started pulling up a lot too. In general, he's just getting very big! He's a major mama's boy right now...we feel attached at the hip! There's worse things than having a cute little boy hanging onto you all the time though. :)

So here are a few recent-ish pictures. 

And like I said, into everything!!!

Oh and here's my Valentine's Day gift from my man. 😄

If everything continues to go well, Aaron will be a big brother sometime around early August. I'm about 16 weeks pregnant...surprise! I feel much better this time around...I was only really sick one day a few weeks ago and I was sick nearly every day for the first trimester when I was pregnant with Aaron. I'm still nursing Aaron (although he does eat some of what we eat...anything and everything I give him, so far) so it feels like I'm starving all the time! 

So anywho, there's a little update, and the big news. :)