About Crazy K

I'm Kayla, known here as Crazy K! I'm a 23 year old girl, living at home currently but very soon to be married to my Prince Charming, exploring different business ventures and creating! I love creating everything; anything ranging from comfort to elaborate food, to clothes and purses, to knit sweaters and crocheted doilies, to leather products! My newest hobby is finding out everything that makes my man happy and getting good at those things!

My blog name stemmed from my creative tendencies, as well as the fact that I'm a little crazy, by modern-day standards. I'm not your normal mid-twenties woman and I have a very unique life philosophy. I'm a born-again King James Bible-believing Baptist, and my idea of a successful life is not making the most money possible, or being the most popular girl around. See? A little crazy! :-) Amazingly enough, there was a man out there for me, and he kinda likes me just the crazy way I am.

After waiting for what seemed to be forever (I was just positive I'd be married at 18!), and not so patiently at times, I might add, I met the love of my life. I never felt like one of those "blessed to be single" girls although I finally did cultivate contentment at home (after hard lessons learned.) It was after I felt contentment and happiness with my life as it was that Jacob came into my life and the past several months with him, during our courtship, have the been the most incredible of  my life! I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams, and we will begin our life together on September 1st, 2012.

You can read the beginning of our love story here.

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