Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Still here

Time is a funny thing, you know? Life happens, you're in your twenties and you think life is passing you by, then all the sudden you wake up and you've been married almost four years with three kids. Life is monotonous at times, but at the same time new every day. All the sudden you laughingly tell your three year old "you're weird!" and he comes back with "you're weird too!" Well...ok then. You're cooking supper and your husband is wrestling with the two older babies in the kitchen floor while the new baby watches and laughs from his swing. And you think life is near perfect. 

But it's not sometimes. You had three babies really fast and now you're fat. How in the heck did that happen? So you try to fit in exercise, you quit eating junk and all the sudden it's a month and a half later and you're down 15 lbs. Got a long way to go but it's working. You still hate the treadmill but you like how you feel when you get done. Your husband likes you (a lot) no matter what but he does come up and grab you from behind, kisses your neck, and says "you're getting skinny" Haha...those rose colored glasses are something else. 

It's scary, too...this grown up, responsible life. Seems like yesterday I birthed a baby and everybody cried and said "it's a girl! You got a girl!" Now it's nearly two years later and we're in the middle of Doctor visits and on the brink of being immersed in therapies and specialists trying to figure out why our adorable, sweet, cuddly, loving baby girl can't walk or talk. I'm not sure what to think at this point...just trying to do what needs to be done and take one step at a time. 

So, life is crazy and just when you think it can't get any busier, it does. 

4th of July parade

Chloe sure does love Oliver 

Pretty girl

Chillin on the porch

Our garden is coming along. I didn't get all of it in this picture. 

We'd bought a newer explorer last December (my old one is getting on up there and it's small) and we drove it for a while after Jacob got it all fixed up and running (long story there...so glad for a handy hubby!) but it was still tight. It was an '03 so it was made bigger than my '97 but we still had three car seats across the middle and it was just..small. So, Jacob found another great deal (he's really good at that) and bought me an '08 minivan. So now I think I'm something. Lol not really, but it's the nicest thing we've ever had..and super roomy. I had to screenshot my Instagram picture...couldn't find my original. 

It also gets good gas mileage, which is a huge plus, since we live 30 minutes from anywhere. 😏 This is an exaggerated picture...after driving long straight stretches. But it still averages 20-something easily. 

Here's me with the little bud a while back now. 

That's all folks...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life these days

Life is just crazy these days! In a good way, for the most part, but definitely crazy. I have a gazillion things to do today and I feel so behind at the moment. I'm sitting in my recliner nursing Oliver, staring at all the stuff that needs to be done, while Aaron comes running to me saying "Chloe touched the potty again!" Sigh. Lol. 

I keep a chalkboard on my fridge and I write a list every morning of stuff that needs to be done. Today it says "laundry, menu/fridge, kids' room, string off and mulch around the garden, fill ice trays, workout, treadmill" Wow. And I'm siting in my recliner nursing the ever-starving (or so he thinks...at 2 months and 15 lbs I think he's ok) Ollie. 😬 I've got laundry going already and I've already done my workout. We've all had breakfast and gotten dressed and gotten cleaned up/hair fixed and all that. I filled the ice trays up so I at least marked a couple things off my list already. We started working on our landscaping and garden area yesterday. I'd like to get some work done on it before Jacob gets home from work so we can get stuff planted together. Trying to figure out where making supper fits into all that at the moment... 

I'm feeling really good these days. Well, other than Sunday and some yesterday. Aaron and I apparently got food poisoning Saturday maybe and spent all Sunday throwing up. Lots of fun. Sure helped my weight loss though! The last couple of weeks I've been eating decently and not so many carbs, cutting breads and pastas and potatoes mostly. Man, I love potatoes. Mostly eating lots and lots of veggies and meats and cheese. Anyhow, I've also been doing some sort of workout (stuff I find on Pinterest and can do here at home) as well as walking/jogging on the treadmill 4-5 days a week. I don't do anything when Jacob's home on the weekends, as far as exercising (or cleaning the house, obviously!) so I'm  shooting for 5 days a week. And there are days when I go to town and sometimes I don't get my treadmill in on those days. Anyway, between all that and food poisoning, I did lose 8 lbs last week. I've got so far to go it's not even funny. Three kids in less than three years hasn't been good for my weight. Especially since I've never been tiny. 🙄

You want to get sympathy and sometimes crazy looks? Take these kids grocery shopping alone. 😎 I get out with the kids once a week or so and get my shopping done. Sometimes we'll go to Campbellsville where Jacob works (mechanic shop) and meet him for lunch and then shop. That's always fun. I do pretty good most days, but we do draw attention. Lol. I keep Oliver in the ergo baby carrier, Chloe rides in the front of the buggy, and Aaron rides in the back. Everybody usually behaves fairly well (sometimes not) and it works just fine. I could have help (I have sisters in law) but I feel like I need to figure it out...they are my kids, after all. ☺️ I also think the kids need to get used to behaving in town, so I do think they need to be with me to learn. 

Oliver finished his snack so I've got to get busy. Life is crazy, and life is good. 😃 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Oliver Madden Ellis

Oliver Madden Ellis was born Thursday, March 24 at 7:20pm. He weighed 8lb 14oz and is 21 inches long. We had another healthy homebirth and we are both just fine. Birth still hurts and is still a lot of hard work. Surprise! And of course you need pictures. 😍

We had quite a stressful time of it this time. I was due March 16th. I'd had contractions on and off, every day, for about the last two months. I thought for sure he'd be early. However, my due date came and went without any baby. I woke up to different contractions Wednesday, the 23rd and had other signs of impending labor so I let my midwife know to be ready. Wednesday came and went. Thursday morning my contractions kept coming and were fairly close together. My midwife came and checked and went home again. My labors have been so long and slow typically, and she lives pretty close, so we told her I'd let her know when things felt more serious. I think I was around 7cm dilated when she left. I laid down to try to get some rest, had a strong contraction, and felt my water break...that was around 2pm I think. (Times gets hazy) She came back then and that's when things started hurting worse. (I'm a birthing anomaly...I dilate most of the way without labor hurting too badly) I kept on like that for a couple hours...really strong contractions that hurt pretty good. 

Jacob's family was keeping Aaron and Chloe this whole time. Sometime (4 or 5pm-ish) Jacob's dad came over and said that Chloe had fallen and cut her tongue. He said it was pretty bad so Jacob and his mom left to go look at it. (Two houses away) They came back and said it was bad and she would have to go to the ER. A parent has to be present. Jacob would have to take her. They told me they could try to write a paper and have Jacob sign it saying that his parents could take her but there were no guarantees that would be sufficient. I told them he'd have to go. I was a horrible mess emotionally (i.e. I was crying a lot) this whole time. On top of this labor that was getting pretty doggone serious, my baby was hurt (I was already worried about her being away from me so long, without accidents) and my husband was going to have to leave. My midwife checked again and I was 8cm. She told them he should try to go somewhere close by so he wouldn't be gone long. They called the closest ER and explained the situation and I guess there was a long wait there, because they couldn't go to that one. They had to drive 45 min away to another ER. When they got there, they told them they couldn't do anything about it and they would have to go to Lexington. Two hours away. I didn't know all of this throughout labor as my information was being filtered, to try to make things as easy as possible. Emotionally, this was horrible for me. Jacob is always there for me and has delivered our babies. He gets me through this. And he wasn't here. His "I'm so proud of you" when it's all over makes it better. 

Oliver was born at 7:20. I didn't know until after I delivered that they sent Chloe to Lexington. At that time, they thought they'd be putting her to sleep and stitching her tongue. Turns out, after 3 hours waiting in the hallway with her crying, they sent her home and said she'd heal just fine. She has a numbing medicine and she's on Tylenol and Motrin for pain. I think the worst thing is she can't suck her thumb. She had just pulled up on a table, and I think she clipped a bench with her chin when she sat down, biting down on her tongue. It's all the way across her tongue, about halfway back. A freak accident. 

Jacob didn't get back home to me until around 2am. I'm glad he was with her, but I needed him so bad too. It was a horrible situation with the worst timing possible. I did have my mom and my mother in law, and everyone did a great job helping me get this little guy here. But sometimes you just really need your husband. It really wasn't easy. But Oliver's here now, we're slowly adjusting (with a lot of help!) everyone is healthy(ish!) and it'll be ok. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just Me

I'm making bread. I've gotten out of the habit and I'm not sure why. Guess it's easier to buy a loaf at the store but the cheap ones don't taste good and the expensive ones are just that. And none of them are as healthy as homemade. It's a gorgeous day today...my door is open because our house is hot. It got pretty cool in here last night so Jacob built a fire in our stove before he went to work this morning. It warmed it up a little more than necessary so I've had the door open. Our dog (a miniature dachshund, Lizzie) took that as an invitation to watch me work in the kitchen. The kids are asleep and we're almost of bread so I decided to make some. I'd forgotten how much I liked kneading it...only I have to chuckle now as the bread bowl bumps repeatedly into my once again growing belly. Yep...there's another little Ellis on the way. This one's a boy...we didn't announce it (although I'm sure people thought I was sure getting fat) until a couple weeks ago. We went and got an ultrasound just because we thought it would be neat...and it was. Having homebirths with a midwife, I usually don't have ultrasounds, but we wanted to take a peek and see what this one would be. I'm 18 weeks now...nearly halfway there. Baby boy should make his arrival sometime around the middle of March. 

Life is pretty much normal these days. Busy with a husband and two little kids and housework and all the things that that entails. In my spare time I do a little custom sewing...anything from baby gifts to curtains to skirts. I would trade it all for anything. This is the life. 😊

Monday, April 6, 2015

Life These Days!

My life is pretty well documented by my iPhone's photo stream, so I figured I'd post some random pics and elaborate on them. Once again, forgive typos as I'm typing with thumbs on a phone. :) 
This was a long time ago now. Aaron was a big help carrying wood in for the stove all winter. 
This girlie is just cute. Also a long time ago. 
This desk was given to me. So I turned it into this: 
I decided I really like to paint. I made my own chalk paint for this. 

I also painted my door. 
We're close to done with my pretty laundry room! I made these curtains to cover up cluttered shelves where I keep laundry soap and all that stuff. 

Jacob bought this beauty a few months ago. I LOVE it and it's the highlight if my red kitchen. If you can't tell, I'm really into the red and turquoise right now. I'll probably hate it eventually. Lol! 

These two are something else. Totally adorable together! 
We played scrabble on cold snowy days. 
It snowed. A LOT. We got like a lot of inches...18 total maybe? 12 one day and a few days later bunches more. I'm good at precise measurements like that. 
This is what happens when I take hubby in Joann's...
Love this wall words thingy in my kitchen. :) 
He likes Chloe's headbands. 
Chloe occasionally leaks. 
We drank yummy coffee. 
Aaron's a dirty little boy. What else would I expect? He loves mud. 
Darn if she isn't still cute! 
We're in the process of building railing around the whole porch. This was taken a few weeks ago and we have a couple more sections done now. 
He squeezes mommy tight. :)
Jacob bought me new running shoes for my birthday. Haha...my birthday is a whole 'nother story. We went to Louisville and got lost all day. Fun time and funny memories. We did eat Olive Garden, which pretty much made up for everything else. 
Found Aaron a hat at a thrift store so he can stop stealing daddy's. 
And this. This is my life. I love this. 
This is what happens when Uncle E comes over. 
Aaron really likes taking pictures with me. 

So that's about it. Jacob's still working in ft. Knox so he's gone a LOT...a regular week is about 60 hrs. My days are full of house stuff, babies, meal planning and cooking, and I've recently taken up running with a couple of my sisters in law. I started a couple months ago and hurt my knee a couple weeks in. I got the new shoes and now I'm on week 2 again. This morning we ran 30 seconds and walked 30 seconds...for 30 min. It sounds easier than it is, at least when you're as out of shape as I am. Lol We should be able to run a 5k in a couple months. Mmhhmm. 

Guess that's all folks. See ya later! :) 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Before the Kids Wake Up...

I think I already mentioned that I have a good block of time to myself in the mornings, after Jacob leaves at 5:30. The kids don't usually get up til at least 9. I like to if my hair and put on a dab of makeup and do my nails sometimes...it makes me feel a little more put together and presentable. As a mom I think we could all use a little time to ourselves to feel like we still matter, outside of being mom...if that makes any sense. 

So this is what I did this morning...it makes me smile. :) 

Btw, I don't totally blow *all* my time on vanity, either. ;) In my opinion, spending a little time on me helps me feel nice the rest of the day.