Thursday, December 14, 2017


Well it looks like it’s been more than a year since I wrote anything here. 😳 We did finally get internet service here at home, but now my computer doesn’t hardly work, so it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Always something I guess. 

As far as an update on everyone goes...Jacob and I are doing good. We lost a bunch of weight at the beginning of this year with Trim Healthy Mama. We slacked off a little in the past few months due to current events, Jacob has maintained a 30lb loss and I...well I apparently look at junk and gain weight, so I gained some of my 20lb loss back. Such is life right now. Jacob worked construction for a while this year but he’s been off work for a while recently, also due to current events. 
Aaron is 4, and thinks he’s a big boy. He no longer naps and refers to Chloe and Oliver as “the kids” He’s a pretty funny little guy. 
Chloe is 3 and has been in physical therapy for a while now and she now walks independently. Still doesn’t talk but I think it’ll come eventually. She’s just on her own time schedule. She’s still progressing, just a little slower than others. 
Oliver is 1 1/2 and is something else. He talk a little and he’s super smart. I asked him a few days ago “what do you have?” And he answered “sump’n” 😂 

Now for those current events. Seems like we can’t go more than a year without a major shift in life, so we sold our house and are almost done building one. We’re kinda outgrowing our house and Jacob has always wanted to build a house of our own, so we did. Jacob’s brother got married earlier this year and was in the market, so he bought our house. We’re building our house about 1/2 a mile from our current house. 

We started by building an outbuilding/garage and that was at the beginning of September. We poured the foundation for the house at the beginning of October and the drywall is supposed to be finished this week. We’ve ordered cabinets and counters and painting and flooring is next. We’ve done a lot of it ourselves, and we’ve had a lot of help from family. Jacob’s dad helped with foundation blocks, Jacob and I did a lot of the blocks and then put in floor joists and sub flooring. Jacob’s cousin builds hous a so he and Jacob and Jacob’s uncle framed the whole thing up in like 16 days or something crazy. My dad helped Jacob wire it, his dad plumbed it, and right now a friend of ours is drywalling. It’s been a fast, crazy ride, for sure. 
When we sold our house, we asked for two months before we had to move, and that’ll be up in a couple weeks. We’re hoping to be moved in by the first or second week of January. We can work on finishing touches after we’re in, but we did want to have at least the downstairs painted and have flooring in. 

We looked at lots of house designs and decided that we both liked the barn style houses. So I sat down with graph paper and worked and worked on it...Jacob told me to draw a house and he’d build it. No one has a house just’s 100% ours. 😊 Now for some pictures! 

 Our driveway

 Part of our woods

^Our house from the main highway. Our driveway is off a smaller road.
Stairs...view from the front door.

I drew in a corner pantry and Jacob made it a reality. I’m going to have my dream kitchen! My stove will be centered on that short wall with small cabinets on either side. Back door there thru the hallway. Bathroom is on the right and laundry room is on the left.
Kitchen side. The dining space is in front of all those windows. The fridge will be on the wall on the right and then counter and sink will be on the long wall on the right, which ends at the corner pantry. The big opening on the left will be cased with stained beam-like wood and that’s the living room.

Upstairs bedrooms

Sewing/guest nook and closet to hide the stovepipe

play nook and half bath upstairs

living room

Boys room

Girls room

View from driveway

Our driveway


Pretty front door!


Living room from kitchen side

So there’s what we’ve been up too. At least I always have a good reason for not blogging. I'll try to post more pictures once it's more done!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Anniversary Part 2!

Jacob had an extra day off work Tuesday (after Labor Day) so we decided to go off for our anniversary. We figured crowds would be better then, and we had plans for Monday. His sister (she's single and great, people!) watched after Aaron and Chloe all day so he and I could get away. We had an amazing day! We went to Bowling Green (couple hours away) since we hadn't been there in a while. We decided to do the boat tour at Lost River Cave. I'd been there before but never took the boat tour. It was a lot of fun! 

We really couldn't get many decent pictures since it was dark inside. 

My ever-attached accessory 😏

And us! 

We hit Cabelas, a pawn shop, got a snack at Chikfila, and walked through the mall too. I got a bad case of sticker shock. I mean, I was upset when goodwill started charging $5 for pants and skirts instead of $3. The mall is crazy! There's this one brand of jeans I've been wanting to get to turn into a skirt...I've been looking at them on eBay but they're still like $50. I saw them in person for the first time in a store in the mall...$105!!! I think I'll just keep looking. I decided after everything, we should have just went to the Goodwill store in Bowling Green! 

We ate wings for supper. It wasn't a fancy anniversary supper but it's what we wanted, which is what matters. I've been wanting wings for a while and we can't really get them out with the kids, so it was a good time. They were SO GOOD! 

We got there and looked over the menu (we'd never been to a Buffalo Wild Wings) and I asked a couple questions and then the waitress told us that on Tuesdays, wings were half off! So, we got drinks, wings, potato wedges, and dessert and it was $30, including the tip! 

We were gone from about 9am Tuesday to 8pm. It was so nice for the both of us to get away and be alone (relatively lol...I don't leave the baby til they can go long enough between nursing) for a while. And if you need just a little more's our cute tag along. 

Oh, and here's Jacob's coffee mug I got him. ☺️


This was written Sept. didn't publish when I tried to publish it, apparently! The joys of phone internet... 

Yesterday was our fourth anniversary. Somehow it doesn't seem near that long ago that we got married. Time flies when you're having fun, right? Here's one of my favorite pictures from our big day. He's so cute. 

We didn't do anything yesterday...Jacob went to work and I did housework and laundry and fed and cleaned and took care of kids and extremely ordinary day, really. (We may go off somewhere for the day over the weekend) I did splurge on supper (seriously...have you bought a block of Parmesan lately?!) and I made Shrimp Tortellini Alfredo, Creamed Spinach, and Stuffed Mushrooms, with a Chocolate Cream Pie for dessert. We ate and watched Little House on the Prairie with the kids. Romantic! 😏  My pie crust turned out ugly but it sure tasted good. 😎

We had time together after the kids went to bed, but that wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I figured out a long time ago that kids going to bed the same time we did was not going to work for us. Now at least Aaron and Chloe are in the bed at 8pm and most of the time Oliver goes to sleep shortly after that. That leaves Jacob and me a couple hours together alone every night. 

Jacob bought me a bracelet as an anniversary gift. I got him a cheesy coffee mug that says "hello there handsome" My bracelet is just has opals! (And yes, that's his ring on my thumb. He asked if I wanted it back and we were being goofy)

So, here we are. Four years later and more in love than ever. Here's to many many more! 😍