Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life these days

Life is just crazy these days! In a good way, for the most part, but definitely crazy. I have a gazillion things to do today and I feel so behind at the moment. I'm sitting in my recliner nursing Oliver, staring at all the stuff that needs to be done, while Aaron comes running to me saying "Chloe touched the potty again!" Sigh. Lol. 

I keep a chalkboard on my fridge and I write a list every morning of stuff that needs to be done. Today it says "laundry, menu/fridge, kids' room, string off and mulch around the garden, fill ice trays, workout, treadmill" Wow. And I'm siting in my recliner nursing the ever-starving (or so he thinks...at 2 months and 15 lbs I think he's ok) Ollie. 😬 I've got laundry going already and I've already done my workout. We've all had breakfast and gotten dressed and gotten cleaned up/hair fixed and all that. I filled the ice trays up so I at least marked a couple things off my list already. We started working on our landscaping and garden area yesterday. I'd like to get some work done on it before Jacob gets home from work so we can get stuff planted together. Trying to figure out where making supper fits into all that at the moment... 

I'm feeling really good these days. Well, other than Sunday and some yesterday. Aaron and I apparently got food poisoning Saturday maybe and spent all Sunday throwing up. Lots of fun. Sure helped my weight loss though! The last couple of weeks I've been eating decently and not so many carbs, cutting breads and pastas and potatoes mostly. Man, I love potatoes. Mostly eating lots and lots of veggies and meats and cheese. Anyhow, I've also been doing some sort of workout (stuff I find on Pinterest and can do here at home) as well as walking/jogging on the treadmill 4-5 days a week. I don't do anything when Jacob's home on the weekends, as far as exercising (or cleaning the house, obviously!) so I'm  shooting for 5 days a week. And there are days when I go to town and sometimes I don't get my treadmill in on those days. Anyway, between all that and food poisoning, I did lose 8 lbs last week. I've got so far to go it's not even funny. Three kids in less than three years hasn't been good for my weight. Especially since I've never been tiny. 🙄

You want to get sympathy and sometimes crazy looks? Take these kids grocery shopping alone. 😎 I get out with the kids once a week or so and get my shopping done. Sometimes we'll go to Campbellsville where Jacob works (mechanic shop) and meet him for lunch and then shop. That's always fun. I do pretty good most days, but we do draw attention. Lol. I keep Oliver in the ergo baby carrier, Chloe rides in the front of the buggy, and Aaron rides in the back. Everybody usually behaves fairly well (sometimes not) and it works just fine. I could have help (I have sisters in law) but I feel like I need to figure it out...they are my kids, after all. ☺️ I also think the kids need to get used to behaving in town, so I do think they need to be with me to learn. 

Oliver finished his snack so I've got to get busy. Life is crazy, and life is good. 😃