Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of Balls and Bookshelves

This morning, the boys went outside to play ball, and Rylie and I went out with them. I took a slew (a lot) of pictures trying to get the right setting to catch the fast action. Here are the ones that turned out decent. I know there are a lot, but just be thankful I didn't post all the 125 pictures I took today. Here goes:

Rylie was ready to go in, after all of that!

I also worked on my other bookshelf. I had CDs in a few diffrent boxes, and since I freed up this short shelf yesterday (the Louis L'Amours were on it) I decided to take all of the CDs out and put them here...

It was a great idea until I found another dozen CDs across the room, and that's not even counting the probably two dozen that are in my car!

This was in my tape collection...maybe I should listen to it again? =))

You might be a farmgirl if: you find cow-size hypodermic needles amongst your books, CDs, and miscellaneous papers. I remember when I had to use those... :shudder:

A couple hours (& several interruptions!) later, I was done.

The bottom shelf is all craft stuff, mostly kitting. On the right, a stack of knitting magazines; on the left, pattern books and such. The nest chelf is the CD shelf. Up from there, Fiddle stuff and different paperwork on the left; on the right, um...miscellameous paperwork. As in, the place I put everything that didn't have a home. Letters and cards, recipes, bookmarks, patterns, song lyrics (printed and scribbled,) sticky notes, GED paperwork (said I couldn't impersonate anyone when I took the test, couldn't talk, add stuff on my cell phone, etc) skirt designs scribbled at random, receipts, postcards (I collect them,) a printed copy of The Lady of Shalott (haven't you ever seen "Anne?") etc, etc. Junk stuff I don't want to throw away, basically.

Second shelf from the top, home decorating stuff, how-to books, health books, Keeping a Family Cow and Spiritual Midwifery side by side. Top shelf, love to wait, how to find, how to wait, how to be a good wife, how to find, how to wait, how to know, how to wait, how to find, how to wait, etc. On the right, classics...Jane Austens, Count of Monte Cristo, that kind of stuff.

This afternoon we cleaned up a bit since Mom and Dad will be home tomorrow. They were supposed to be home today, but Mom text me this morning and asked if anyone had a problem with them staying until tomorrow. So, they'll be home sometime tomorrow afternoon, I suppose. Tonight I made pizza...a meat and cheese, and a BBQ chicken one. I've never done BBQ chicken on a pizza before, but it was really good. I've already cooked supper for tomorow night when they ge hoe, so I really don't have a whole lot to do tomorrow. Just a little more cleaning and laundry. And babysitting.

Last night and tonight, we went online and watched America's Got Talent on a live streaming thing. I found out Monday that a friend of mine that we used to play with some in GA was in a band that was playing on the show. So, we pulled it up and watched last night and tonight. Pretty neat!

See ya later, y'all!

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