Friday, August 26, 2011

My Sappy Ceiling

Dad and Dave finished laying the floor in parts of the second floor of the barn, which equals the ceiling to my leather shop.

I think I need to paint or something. It's nce and...rustic! :)

The only problem I can see is the kind of wood they used. Pine...I have a pine ceiling. You know what that means?

Yep...I have sap dripping onto my work tables. Oh, well...I just have to be careful not to get it on you kow how hard that stuff is to get off???!! Very. Thankfully, it's not dripping anywhere where I have leather on the tables, at least, that I've seen!

In other leatherwork news, I've done a lot of work in the shop this week. I started braiding a couple days ago, and have already braided quite a few leashes....enough to make a few blisters. :( I don't particularly care for blisters. Dad told me he had the solution...wrap my blisters up with electrical tape. I will most certainly have to get a picture of that sometime...

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