Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Lot Of Nothing

Originally written and posted February 15, 2010.

Look!!! It’s only been a week since my last entry!!! Way to go, Me! Oh, that’s ok…you can quit cheering now…really…it’s getting embarrassing….

Not much out of the ordinary has happened this past week…cooking, as usual! Saturday I made the greatest hamburger buns!

I already had a recipe for hamburger buns that I liked pretty well, but we had another recipe that Mama made sometime when I was out of town. She said she made them to go with a meal, but that they really light and airy, like buns. (Imagine that…she’s blonde…) Anyway, when I was thinking about what we wanted for supper, I had a hankerin’ for a hamburger. I mean, an awful hankerin’! (And for those of you who don’t quite understand the southern belle dialect, that means that I really, really wanted a hamburger!) However, the only ground meat we have is pork, AND it was frozen (since I didn’t get the aforesaid hankerin’ the night before.) I could’ve thawed it fairly quickly (in hot water) but Mama said she didn’t want to use all pork for a hamburger. After we…um…discussed it for a while, (coming to the horribly sad conclusion that we weren’t having pork hamburgers for supper) we thought about the fact that we had some chopped pork roast in the freezer. We had had a pork roast with my homemade barbeque sauce earlier in the week, and chopped the leftover roast and froze it. So, after I spent the 3 hours making the buns, we had a quick, yummy supper of bbq pork sandwiches, with hot sauce, onions, and pickles, with slaw on the side. Oh, and I have a funny story about the hot sauce as well!

I made tabasco sauce last summer, with tabasco peppers from our garden. It’s really orange (weird, huh?!) and it settle out…so it has orangey vinegar on the top, and the thick tabasco pulp stuff settles to the bottom. Well, the guys always eat that on their sandwiches (except peanut butter and jelly, that is.) So, Saturday night, Philip was getting the condiments out of the fridge for the BBQ sandwiches. He set the “hot sauce” on the table and Dad and Dave started adding the stuffs to their sandwiches. Dad had already used the “hot sauce” and Dave was getting it. Dave asked me “are you sure this is the hot sauce?” I said yes, that Philip had gotten it. Dave said that it was just weird-looking…didn’t look right. When I went and looked, Philip had gotten a pint of carrot juice out of the fridge, thinking it was the hot sauce! Dad said he didn’t put much on, since it looked different, and he couldn’t taste any heat at all! After we got everything back right (and retrieved the real hot sauce) Dad said he definitely prefered hot sauce to carrot juice on his BBQ sandwiches! Maybe I should start labeling a little more….

We had some friends from church over Friday night, and my goodness!! I told Mama that next time we had company, I was banishing her until the 10 or 15 minutes before the company was to arrive! She gets so doggone spastic…it is crazy!!! I’ve been cooking company-fit meals since I was 15, and I never get that spastic! I rarely have mishaps (I’d better not say that, though!) and I stay calm! Well, there was that one time…. When Dad was pastoring in GA, a new family had started coming to our church. After a few consecutive weeks of them coming (we had to wait and make sure they were consecutive…most new people didn’t come twice in a row..LOL!!!) we had them over for supper. Well, I made the meal, banking on some of this cocky egotism oozing from this paragraph. Not a good idea. I baked a chicken, and I still have no idea why, but it did not get done at all. We cut into it, come supper time, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach is not something I’d like to feel again! We ended up having to order pizza!

I made a new skirt Thursday, and made one of the stupidest mistakes I’ve ever made. A mistake that someone who has been sewing as long as I have should have been able to see. The skirt is brown corduroy, with embroidered flowers. I bought it in FL, and I absolutely LOVE the fabric. I mean, it’s just incredible! However, I usually don’t work with fabric that has a definite nap to it, and brown corduroy has a definite nap to it. The whole back of my skirt is upside down! Or maybe it’s the front that’s upside down… It’s still wearable, and if you’re not really, really close to me and looking down on it, you can’t really tell. And I’ll tell you right now, the people that are that close to me looking down, are very, very, well…nonexistant at this point in time!

I reckon that’s about it for now. I sure have a knack for writing a whole lot on a week that was pretty uneventful!!! We’re here at church right now (Sunday afternoon) and it’s time to practice music…

Oh, and we’re working on a new a cappella song, and I’m the only one who can hear and sing the bass line. Is that not the craziest thing you’ve ever heard??? After we recorded it on a program on my computer, I went back a put a bass track to it…. I’m trying to picture the look on people’s faces when I say something about singing the bass and the highest harmony……

The things I've divulged to the world wide web. Sigh. Stick never know what I might tell about myself.

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