Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today hasn't been too terribly exciting. Babysitting, taking care of the dogs, a little cooking...yep, pretty normal! I strained the herbs for my anti-itch cream, and while it was still warm, I cut a couple cloves of garlic up in it, so that could steep a little. I set it in the sun, and it's been there all day. I'll strain that out in the morning, heat it back up, and add the other ingredients. Looks like I'll be making a lot of it this time around!

By the way, Regal does NOT like liquid being put into his ears, and does NOT like it when I try to hold him to put it in!

I made a batch of cookies. I was thinking about taking a picture of the cookies, since that's just how I roll, but as I was thinking about it, it hit me that my presentation isn't always accurate. You know, the wire cooling racks full of 2 dozen warm, gooey cookies? Yeah, well they don't stay that way long enough for me to get a picture, unless I threaten certain people with bodily harm. So, I decided to get a more realistic photo today.

As soon as Rylie left, I scrambled to get to the post office before they closed. I thought if I drove fast enough (hehe) I could get there in time. Well, I drove fast enough on our road, but as soon as I got out on the highway, I got stuck in creeping traffic...they were paving the road! I figured I'd never have enough time now, but I went on to the post office and got there right at 4:00...they locked the door behind me! Anyway, I got my package off, which was the goal.

After I got home (driving slowly and safely now) I made a cup of coffee, grabbed one of the cookies, and sat down to tell y'all all about my day. :) Now it's time to go make supper...I'm making something with shrimp, from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Cookbook, which I highly recommend. I have all the pictures for a recipe I was going to post from that book...I just haven't gotten around to it yet. We've made quite a few things out of the book so far, and we've loved everything. Can't beat the price you can get it for from Amazon! We got it from the library first, and then loved it so much we bought our own. I think the library was tired of us renewing it!

Off to cook...talk to y'all later!

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