Monday, August 15, 2011

Old-ish Pictures

Here are the older pictures I promised!

Mom and I at Titus' baby shower, this would be November of '98. Which would make me 9 here...

Dave and Titus...look at Titus! He was great at making goofy faces!

Reckon I've always been a country think? :) I would be 12 here.

Mom and Titus, on his 2nd birthday.

He's always been a heavy sleeper...

Skip ahead a little while...I think I was 13 here. I got the worst sunburn I'd ever gotten, the day this was taken. Dad, Dave, and I had gone deep-sea fishing with my uncle, and somebody didn't put any sunscreen on. Somebody hurt for a while. That's my cousin on the right...

These next few are with Cherryholmes!

Let's just say that playing the fiddle with B.J. Cherryholmes watching from that close...well, it doesn't give you a whole lot of confidence! I'd only been playing a year or two here. We saw the Cherryholmes family advertised as being at this festival about an hour from our house, and their picture made us think we'd found a bluegrass family like us! They were super nice and friendly, but not all we thought they'd be, conservative-wise, I guess. This festival was more towards the beginning of their careers as bluegrass stars, and, in my opinion, it went downhill from there. We really hated to see the way they went, as their popularity grew. Oh, was fun while it lasted!

The first picture up there was the first time we'd gone to the festival. Dave and I were 12 and 15 and hadn't been playing very long. We were the only two kids in the kids' workshop that the Cherryholmes kids hosted, and we had a blast. We ended up playing onstage with them that evening...Old Joe Clark. There were something like 500 people there, and we'd never played for anyone like that before. I called my teacher afterwards and told him about it, and he said "there's no feeling like that, is there?" Mom said "yeah, maybe a stomach virus!"

The last two pictures were taken the following year. I can't remember why, but I don't think Dave was there that year. Of maybe that was the third year we went...sometime we played Turkey in the Straw onstage with them, but I don't remember which year that was. It was really something to play triple fiddles with B.J and Molly!

That's it for these old pictures..these are the only ones I scanned in yesterday. I'll have to get out that picture box and see what all is there!

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