Monday, August 29, 2011

Picking Weeds

Medicinal weeds, that is.

This afternoon, Rylie and I went out and got the jewelweed and plantain so I could make my anti-itch cream. Here are the pics to prove it. Oh, and these pictures are, um, digitally altered. :) I decided I liked GIMP 2.

And you can't hear what she's saying here, but it's something to effect of "carry me and my bucket, please. NOW."

I've got the herbs steeping now, so I'll be able to finish up the cream tomorrow. I chopped all the weeds before steeping them...

I burned myself while cooking supper...again. I'm getting good at this burning nearly matches a previous burn exactly! It's really's the same angle and everything! And I think I'll try to use more dot-dot-dots...


It's my left arm, and the burn on the right (towards my wrist) is the old one, obviously. I think that was on an oven rack. This new one was on the top of the 450* oven. It's not quite as long as the older burn. I don't know that it will scar like the older one, but I didn't think the older one would scar like it did, either. It's probably a couple years old by now.

Actually, I spent a few minutes just now trying to find this picture. It was 5/7/10, or thereabouts. The older burn was a lot worse than this new one, so maybe it won't scar like that one. I don't care though...doesn't matter much to me.


BTW, Dad used to say I had forearms like Popeye, when I was a regular milkmaid. Just a little bit of random info...

Time for bed! Talk to y'all tomorrow!


  1. Nice burn! :) Seems like the left arm gets more scars than the right.

  2. Thanks! :D I don't know why that is, about my left arm. Maybe because I'm right handed? I guess maybe you subconsciously keep your right hand out of the way and don't think so much about the left arm! Weird...

  3. I'm not sure why it is, but my left arm has more scars than the rest of my carcass put together...