Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cast Iron

I love cast iron cookware! We don't have a lot of cast iron right now, but the couple of skillets that we do have are always out when I'm the one cooking! The lastest issue of Countryside magazine has an extensive article on cast iron, and kept me reading for a while!

A lot of the antique stores around here have cast iron pans in them, and then there are the auctions! We'd never been to an auction before we moved here to KY, but here they seem to be a normal thing on Saturdays. I love going to the auctions, and not just to buy stuff. It's a good thing, too...hard to buy with no money, usually. I love the social aspect of the auctions, and I believe a lot of the other folks there go for that same social reason. It's a lot of fun. Back to the subject, a lot of the auctions have cast iron, but it seems like it's always so expensive! Of course, I think the hype of the auctions gets to everyone, and they end up paying a lot more than they would normally...

After I read the Countryside article, I got on Ebay. (That's a dangerous thing for me to do...if I do have money. I'm safe for now.) Unless things go haywire at the last minute, which, normal on Ebay, cast iron is a good deal on there. I guess you can always find deals...which is how I'm consoling myself since I didn't bid on some AWESOME skillets yesterday!

I asked Mama if she thought maybe you could register with Ebay when you get married. You know, people register with Linens-N-Things and Sears and all that...I think Ebay sounds good.

Anyway, there was a lot of rambling nothingness. It pretty much all boils down to me saying that I like cast iron, and I recommend the Countryside article for tips on caring for cast iron. I think I could even give up the infatuation I have with Le Crueset (sniff) for a good set of old black cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and griddles.


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