Thursday, August 18, 2011


Originally written and posted March 3rd, 2008.

OK, I know everyone will laugh at this post, but it really is true! Last night when I milked, I was sitting on the ground beside Beanie Baby (Sabine…Minnie’s calf) and I said “Oh, Baby, look at all of those stars!” No kidding, she actually looked up at the sky for a minute! I came in and told everybody (probably not the smartest thing to do!) and they laughed. Mom really made fun of me, because I used to laugh at her when she said that her animals smiled. Now that I have had a little more experience in dealing with farm animals, I can attest to the fact that cows and pigs really can smile…if they are happy! There is hardly anything cuter than a pig with dirt all over his face, just looking at you and smiling. If you have never seen it, you are really missing out!

Other than smiling and stargazing animals, nothing else is really new and exciting on my end of things. No demo’s or anything like that…unlike Dave…I am actually glad for that! Dave and I have vastly different personalities when it comes to that kind of stuff! He is comfortable being the center of attention at times…that would definitely unnerve me!

I did spend a few days at a friend’s house last week and we sewed all day every day! We were almost able to finish a dress that is somewhat akin to what Anne of Green Gables would wear. After making the petticoat, I wanted to give it some stiffness, so I made homemade starch and I starched it. That was a first for me, and I starched it so much, it stood up alone! I was able to iron it so that it was a little pliable!! In the end, everything turned out well and we did get some pictures. I’ll try to post them sometime.

As my brother told y’all, we are leaving for KY in the morning and I am still not packed. I’d better get busy!


Boy, that was a long time ago. I found the applicable picture, of the "Anne" dress.

I also found the picture of the petticoat I was talking about starching...not the brightest thing I've ever done, I guess...

I'm starting at the beginning of "Kayla's Conversations" and reposting blog posts. I'm hoping that that way, the material stays fresh, and it works great for when I don't have anything new and exciting to post!


  1. Sew much fun! That was a long time ago. Too long. We need to get together and do some sewing or something again!

  2. Very true...

    Although, at this point, I'd probably choose to make something a little more...practical! Maybe when it cools off a bit, I can make a trip down your way and we could hike Stone Mtn again or something. That was fun. Maybe we could do November again...we'll see.

  3. I agree. My taste in clothing fashions have slightly changed - only slightly! I also agree hiking Stone Mtn. again or something would be fun.

  4. I still like the dress, but it's not something I'm going to wear to town or anything. Not even church here, really...

    I guess it's just that my sewing nowadays (when I do sew) is stuff I'll use more often!