Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lard 3

Here are a few pictures I got, or got someone else to get, yesterday.

This is the chopped fat, before I got smart and got the grinder out. There's a lot of meat in here...

Grinding..and making a funny face. For some reason, when Dave takes pictures for me, he doesn't try again if I'm making a silly face. 

It took muscle to feed it into the grinder!

Ground fat...

The mandatory cut...actually, the bandaid covering the mandatory cut. Yes, my bandaid is too tight.

That's all the pictures I have so far. I've already gotten about 2 gallons of lard poured up, and I don't think I'm halfway through yet. Since there is so much meat in the fat, what is left after I melt the ground fat is almost like sausage, instead of little crispy yummy things (yes, I sorta eat them sometimes) like when I chop the fat. (better than chewing the fat!) I told Mama we should eat it like sausage but she has a psycological problem with that or some other such nonsense. I might just sneak it in something I make...I'm not going to waste it!

Time to go pour more lard off! This is so exciting!


  1. Believe it or not, I'm not sure I've ever eaten anything cooked with lard. My parents don't get along with pork products, so we just don't have it around.

    Ed Fowler (a well known knifemaker) says the best cookies he ever had were made with panther grease. I would imagine lard is safer though. ;)

  2. Oh my word...poor guy! Lard makes the best chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, pie crusts, etc. I can't wait to bake something with it again! I guess if you're ever passing through you'll have to stop in for a taste. :) I get along very well with pork products, but I guess that's pretty obvious!

    I would think lard would be easier to obtain than panther grease...I don't think the butcher has any of that laying around!

  3. If I'm ever in the area, I'll try to accept your offer. :)

    Now, here's a question. How to you all keep from getting huge? If I ate like it looks like you eat, it wouldn't be pretty. Do you exercise a lot? Work hard? Eat small helpings? LOL

    BTW, congrats on beating your previous record of 32 posts in one month. :)

  4. You're more than welcome to stop in.

    Actually, that's four questions. Were you homeschooled? ;) Answers: maybe we are huge; I don't exercise as much as I need to; I work hard sometimes; and I don't eat very small helpings. I'd like to lose some weight, and I don't eat some of the stuff we make when I have the will-power not to. The will-power hides a lot. I just ate two popcorn balls while checking and replying to blog comments, but I'm not telling anyone.

    Mom and I do a LOT better on a diet when the guys are out of town anytime. We just don't cook so...good! Like for lunch today, I made a fancy bread thing and alfredo sauce (butter, cream, parmesan, and garlic)for noodles with sausage...not exactly diet food.

    I think a lot of it has to do with cooking healthy...you know, the good fats and all. One summer when we had cows, we ate homemade ice cream every single day. We had no noticable weight changes...

    Is that record-breaking something to be proud of? It's starting to look like blogging is all I ever do now! Maybe I'll scale back a bit. I wasn't keeping track of previous posting records... ;)

  5. And the same to you. :)

    Why yes, I was homeschooled. You can tell, huh? :D

    We do stay away from bad fats, but carbs make you gain weight too, and I guess we need to cut back on those...

    More exercise (or hard work) would be good too.

  6. I know...I love bread and potatoes. All sorts of carby things, really. I need to get back on our exercise roll...