Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, Regal had a vet appointment this morning. He's undergoing surgery today, and they say he'll never even know he was there. Uh huh. Anyway, I got a few pictures on my iPod on the way to vet. Oh, Dave's dog Cookie went too...she's having the female version of the same surgery.

He loves riding in my car! This was funny, because he never licks, but he did want to say hello, when I got in!

Dave isnt too keen on riding in the car with Regal and me...

"Mom, what's his problem?"

We just decided to drive and let Dave sit as close to the door as he could. You know how dogs hang their head out of the window? That's what Dave was doing. You should have seen it.

I don't think his tongue was hanging out, but I was trying to focus on driving and taking pictures, so it may have been.


Regal tried to make Dave enjoy the ride...

But is was no use, so he cozied up to me again.

He's so great...but there goes my breeding program idea.

He did great at the vet's office, too. I don't take him out around people at all, but he loves everyone that comes by the house. Everyone that meets him loves him and they all want to pet him, and he just loves that! He'll see someone start walking up to him and he starts wagging his tail and sticking his head out for a scratch. Well, there was a younger girl at the vet's who was taking the dogs back and that sort of thing, and she was a little scared of Regal, I think. She was scratching his head with one finger while she was turned, talking to Dave about Cookie. Well, one finger wasn't enough for Regal, so he took his paw and tapped her upper leg! She nearly jumped into next week! That's how he plays with you...he hooks his paw around your leg.

I also found out he weighs 130 pounds. I thought he'd be heavier than that...I know his hair makes him look bigger than he is, but I cut it a while back, so he even looks smaller.

Maybe I can get a better picture this afternoon when I bring him home. Anatolians have an anesthesia sensitivity, and he takes a while to come out of it and be himself again. I made sure to tell the vet about his sensitivity, so I hope they listen and don't put him to sleep... :|

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