Friday, August 5, 2011

Archives Ideas?

I have over three years of blog posts on our website. There's a TON of stuff there...obviously! I have countless recipes, a lot of great, interesting info (or not)...basically, a lot of my writing that I don't want to just throw away!

So what do I do? Repost everything here eventually? I don't want to think about dealing with the three trillion pictures I've posted in the past three years! That would be like Chinese torture.

What is Chinese torture? It must be bad... Sort of like "rip." My dad will say "It's hot as RIP out there today!" Or, he might come in and say "It's cold as RIP out there today!" Rip is bad stuff, too.

Anyway, back to my train of thought, which momentarily derailed...what do I do with my archives? I can see a point in time, certainly not tomorrow or the next day, but somewhere out there, where our website will not be what it is now. Maybe I won't be able to link to an archives page and say "this is me a long time ago." Dave says I can save all of the writing in Wordpad or something, but I don't know about that. I'm thinking that maybe I should start over with recipes? In the past three years, recipes have played a huge part on my blog, with a lot of step-by-step pictures and a fair amount of wit thrown in, to taste. It's funny...when I search my own blog for some particular thing, I'll spend 30 minutes reading my on writing and laughing to myself, so much so that others in the house will ask what I'm reading. Is that weird or what?!

Maybe I will just start from the beginning and repost what I think deserves to be reposted. That sounds like such a huge job...

On a completely different subject, I got an email when a comment was posted. YAY!!! Maybe you don't know just how wonderful that is to me. With B2evolution, the program I've used for those three years, I get no email when someone says something. If someone left a comment on a post I wrote a few months ago, I'll never know it. It will be lost forever amongst the piles of spam I don't have time to wade through. But email! Nice.

Ok, so any ideas on my archiving dilema?

P.S. Are there smiley faces on Blogger??? If there aren't any, I might just die and recall everything good I just said about it...I can't write without smilies! :-(


  1. Kayla,

    Not sure how the formatting is on your other blog. Here's the first thing I would try. Go to your old blog and open one of your old posts for editing. Use HTML view if you can. Copy all the HTML code, and paste it into a new Blogger post, and preview it. Depending on how much of it got preserved, you might be fine! You can even backdate the posts correctly.

    Sometimes the pictures are wonky or not there at all. If you have to redo all the pictures - I'd guess it's too much work. Copy the best stuff manually, and start fresh.

    Also think about where you have the pictures hosted. Are they on a photo service somewhere (Flickr, Picasa, etc) or are they stored with the blog itself? If you don't already, I would highly recommend using one of these services, as they are not likely to disappear. Again, linking up everything to a new location would be a major pain. In this case I would make a clean start.

    How many old posts are we talking about? hundreds? thousands?

    BTW, no built in smilies on Blogger, but there are lots of external sites with smilies you can use.

  2. Thanks for this information! I'll try the copying and pasting, if I can find the HTML...I've never done that with that program before. All of my pictures are on Photobucket, so I'm good there...if I really want to wade through the thousands of pictures I have there!

    I just counted...I have 300 posts, running from February 2008 to yesterday. I would say that a lot of them aren't worth reposting, but then again, a lot of them are!

    Can you recommend an external site for the smilies? I have GOT to have a smiley!!! :D

  3. Ok...the HTML doesn't behave when I cross-post...the image code turned up as a link instead of a picture. :( Sooo, looks like I'll be rewriting a LOT of my posts. Or, I guess I could just copy and paste all of the text and get each image code from the other blog posts, instead of wading through Photobucket for that one picture of adding flour to cookie mix!


  4. Kayla, I would ask a blog designer. They do this all the time - it's relatively easy for them to take archives from an old blog to a new one. You would need to pay a fee, but way worth it and very much worth the time saved. A blog designer I *highly* recommend asking is Joy @