Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toenails and More

Gee, I am awesome at this naming post business! Who wouldn't want to read "Toenails and More?"

So, this morning, I needed to take some trash to the dump and swing by Walmart. I was getting ready to go, and decided to paint my toenails. (Aren't y'all glad I share everything with y'all?) As I grabbed the nail polish, Rylie (who follows me absolutely everywhere and imitates everything I do or say :) ) said something so that I understood she wanted some, too. I can't remember how she said it, but she no uncertain terms. So, I sat down, pulled her up in my lap, and got busy. She was perfect, and so very excited about her pretty toes.

Would you believe that I dressed this morning an hour before she got here, and her mom dressed her the same? I didn't think so. I just know everyone we saw today thought we dressed alike on purpose! :)

We dropped off our trash and headed to Walmart, where we walked around verrry slowly. :) I was just getting a couple things, so I let her walk most of the time. We picked up a couple pieces of fabric, and she thuoght she was something, carrying the fabric around the store! We had a lot of fun.

It's amazing how much she soaks in. Like I said, she repeats everything I say or do...scary, sometimes! When she was just starting to talk a little, I sang "Do you know you are my sunshine" to her one day, and she started saying "sunshine." So now a few times every day, out of the clear blue, she'll just grin up at me and say "sunshine!" It's sooo cute!

This afternoon, I made my jewelweed cream. I think it turned out pretty's not like you can taste it, though! Actually, you could, and that's the beauty of it...but I didn't want to. Smells a little like medical grass...wonder why?

I made 26 tins...

I think I'll probably end up printing some labels for the tins and putting them for sale on the website. There's no way we'll use 26 tins (2 oz each) anytime this century! I was texting Mom today while I was making it, and said something about the amount of some ingredient I was using. So she asked how much I was making and I told her "enough to last an army in the Amazon for 7 years!" It sounded to me like an army in the Amazon would get bit up pretty bad, but I didn't check any facts on that... /:)

I made chicken nachos for supper...a new recipe I've never made before. I took pictures and I'll be getting a recipe posted pretty soon. It turned out pretty good, I thought...course, it was mexican, and I love anything mexican. Sneak peak...

I think I'm having a problem. I kinda sorta love the way my pictures turn out when I edit them just a tad. Help me...I'm becoming one of them.... It's just so easy and fast...I'm using GIMP 2 and all you do is click the auto white balance button and the auto color enhance button, and voila! A much nicer picture.

Like I needed blogging to take up more time...

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