Friday, August 12, 2011


Friday night is fun food night at my house. Usually ends up being mexican...if we ate any more mexican around here, we might just start speaking spanish.

So this morning, Dad suggested either pizza or hot wings for supper tonight.

So we had pizza and hot wings for supper. We're not ones to be stingy when it comes to food, and if we can't make up our mind, we're just liable to make all of it. :)

I made skillet cookie for dessert. :D I took more pictures and will be editing my old post about the cookie to include a few new pictures and repost soon. Not tonight though... I do have miscellaneous packages of white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts that might need to be used for tomorrow night... :)

I was stealing a pepperoni off a fresh out of the oven pizza earlier, and I was poised with it...head tilted back, mouth gaping open, stringy, melted cheese dangling dangerously...and Dave snuck up behind me and tickled my waist. Gaaaaahhhh. I screamed.

I most unfortunately did not get a picture.

I will reconvene with you, my dear readers, tomorrow, at which time I will post scrumtuous pictures that will make you deny you ever heard of dieting.

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