Monday, August 15, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff

I hate when I can't come up with a more interesting name than "miscellaneous stuff." That's just so boring!

The white chocolate macadamia nut skillet is sooo good! ("is" because not many folks here liked it, so I get to eat it for a while)

When Mom and Dad got home from their date Saturday night, they shared some skillet cookie with ice cream. Dad said it was good, but he just likes chocolate chips. And he's trying to lose weight, too... Mom didn't know I was making this picture!

Dave got this picture of Rylie and me this morning, not too long after she got here. (around 7am) I know it's fuzzy, but I guess Dave didn't have glasses on or something! Oh, and if Mom were home, she'd have a fit about all the stuff in the picture...oops.

I was packing up some fabric earlier (I'll explain in a minute) and came across this. It is red embroidered silk, and I got it for like $1 a yard off of eBay, a long time ago. I have 3 yards...someone please tell me what to do with it!!! It's so very...LOUD....I can't really make a dress out of it or anything! I need ideas!

I've been reading to use natural light instead of the camera flash, but I apparently still need some work on that...

When we lived in GA, I had a room. You remember those good ol' days I mentioned a few posts ago? Yeah...I had a room. In said room, one whole wall was lined with bookshelves. And they were full guessed it..books! I mean, I had 3 shelves full of books that were mine. Well, we packed everything up and moved, and I have no room. I have a corner. In my little corner, I have room for one shelf for my books. I also have a shelf in Mom and Dad's bedroom. I have so much yarn and fabric these days, the shelves are full of everything...yarn, fabric, books CDs, etc. So, when Dad brought home a box of my books last week, I was in a mess! Funny story...he opens this box and starts pulling stuff out. I said "hey, that's mine!" and then he'd pull something else out and I'd say "hey, that's mine too!" etc, etc. He had all of my cookbooks, and several other books that were all mine. I stepped back and looked at the box, which read "Kayla's Books."

Handy, that labeling idea. :))

So anyway, here I had a whole moving box full of books, with nowhere to put them. This afternoon, I consolidated my yarn that was on the shelf in Mom's room and packed up a ton of fabric. I took the emptry moving box (the books had been in my floor for the past few days) and filled it up with fabric that I don't think I'll use in the near future. I also labeled it very clearly. Instead of just "fabric" I wrote things like "old overalls, flour sacks, red silk, apron fabric, etc." I guess maybe I'll store that box in the barn until one day when the urge to embroider something on a flour sack hits me.

After doing away with the fabric and smashed all the yarn into one place (beware the avalanche that may occur when removing skeins) I had 2 1/2 empty shelves! I brought in all of my Louis L'Amours as well as all of my cookbooks, and arranged them neatly in their new home. I alphabetized all 92 of my Louis L'Amours. Does that make me really weird? <):)

Wait...please don't answer that. Actually, on the other hand, I wonder what you would say? So, you can answer it, if you want.

Btw, 92 wasn't an exaggeration. The finished shelf...

I realize that it still isn't pretty, but I could only do so much without building on to the side of the house. I'm still bugging Dad for my yarn shop boxes (ever been in a yarn shop? I want one wall to look like that!) that I want to line the wall with above my bed. Actually, see, this room is supposed to eventually ( =)) ) be mine. See the cubby hole thing to the right of the bookshelf? There is actually another bookshelf tucked away in there, facing out. I would love to have built in boxes and/or shelves in that little hole, when the room is mine. Oh, and please excuse Mom's stuff around my bookshelf. :)

I think that's it for now...I'm still working on my other shelf and getting it organized, and then I have other clutter to deal with. I just might pack some more stuff up to send to the barn! I have the problem where I have so much stuff that's been given to me, and I can't get rid of all that! You know "aunt so-and-so gave me this, and I can't give that away!" (Oh, not you, Tara.)

I really need to downsize my bed. I have a double right now, that Dad made years and years ago, but I also have a daybed packed up. The daybed was actually still in GA until our last trip, around July 4th. We went to where it was stored, to pick it up, and we were met with a terrible stench. Like, gag-terrible. :-&  Well, we started going through the stuff that was there, trying to find out what it was. We got the daybed frame, which is metal, so there wasn't any problem there. The mattress was also stored there, and it was originally wrapped in several layers of thick plastic.

We opened one trash bag, trying to see what was packed up in it, and found the stinker. The literal stinker. It was a opossum (an opossum? but you don't say the o...) who had fallen into the room through a vent in the ceiling, but then couldn't get back out. So he crawled up in this bag and died.

After he ate through the plastic to get to my mattress. I don't know if he actually ate any of the mattress itself, or if he just got through the plastic and quit. Regardless, it would never smell decent, and I'm not sure anyone would sleep on it smelling like that!

So, now I have my daybed, which would be very helpful to my space problem (isn't that what Houston had...a space problem?) but no mattress. And no extra money to go buy one either! I considered stealing Titus' know, he could sleep on the bottom of the bunk bed with is a double....

You remember what a heavy sleeper he is, don't you? I bet I could go move him right now and get the mattress and he'd never know the difference.

Actually, I probably couldn't. The boy is nearly as tall as I am now!

Ok, so now I guess that's it. I need a twin mattress, if anyone has one laying around they'd like to get rid of! I'll make you some cookies or something in exchange. Or a bag maybe. Or whatever you'd like!

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