Thursday, August 11, 2011


Like y'all are really interested in my haircuts...

When I was 13, I had short hair. Like, a little longer than shoulder length. I have a picture of that somewhere, but it's guarded and won't be shown here...or anywhere else, for that matter. Apparenly, 13 wasn't a good look for me.

My hair grew. Funny thing, I know. Mom and I always went and got our hair trimmed together. That was back in the day when we had bookoos of money. Ok, so we never really had bookoos, but there was some. We had a swimming pool, ate out almost every Sunday, and went to salons. Those were the days.

Fast forward to April 2009, and I was tired of the same then, I'd had it for something like 7 years. was old. I needed a change, and we were broke enough not to go get our hair cut whenever we felt like it. That $50 went to extravagant things like...toilet paper and peanut butter. Mom and Dad weren't spending lots of money, especially on their grown daughter's hair, and their grown daughter wasn't rolling in the dough either.

So I did what any normal, 20 year old girl would do. I said "Daddy, will you cut my hair and maybe put some layers in it?"

And he did what any normal 37 year old dad would do. He said "Sure, where are the scissors? Can I pop a line to make it straight?"

So, a little while later, I had layers for the first time in years. I loved it!

Fast forward to April 2010. I'd had the same layers for a year, and was ready for a change. Our financial situation hadn't changed any for the better, so I handed Dad the scissors and said "can you cut the layers out?"

And he did. Although, unlike most hair dressers, who constantly bug you to cut more off, Dad kept saying "are you sure about this? I mean, you want ALL the layers out?"

And when he got done, I had no layers. In fact, I almost had no hair.

So maybe the no hair thing was a slight exaggeration. It was a lot less than I'd had in a long time.

It was funny...the same day I got that cut, Dad and I went to the Doc for an allergy shot. (btw, that's a last resort for us...we were dying) The nurse asked me for my maiden name, and then told Dad to "switch places with his wife." (But Dad looks young and he's not but 17 years older anyway) And then later that day, someone told me the haircut made me look younger. So, I don't really know what that cut did for me.

Fast forward to August 2011. I'd had this straight, no-layers cut for well over a year now, and it was old. It had gotten pretty long, about halfway down my back, I guess. It's still too short to put as many layers in it as I've done before, but I wanted something.

So, I asked Dad, "do you think you could just put some layers in it?" And he, of course, said "sure!"

So now I have a few layers. Dad trimmed my hair first, because I had a gazillion split ends, and then cut just a few layers. The length is still basically the same as it was before, maybe an inch or so shorter, and then there are shorter layers. The shorter layers are still shoulder-length, though. I don't have a picture yet...I was in my PJs and while I'll embarrass myself to a certain extent on the world wide web, there's some things you just don't post. Or at least, I don't. :)

Well, now you know the ins and outs of my haircut history for the past few years. I'm not sure what good that does, but there it is. :)

P.S. Earlier in the evening, I was looking at haircuts online and took this handy quiz to find out my face is round! Whatever would we do with the internet???


  1. I hope there will be an updated pic then! One day!
    This was very interesting! Your Dad is pretty talented!

  2. Really!!?? After ALL that I don't get to see a picture of the new haircut? Thanks! ;)

  3. Haha...maybe soon. I'm contemplating asking him to cut it again...there really aren't many layers at all. I'm thinking it would look better with some shorter ones up front. I have a picture from the same time in 09 from the front, and the layers there are about jaw-length. I might have it like that again...