Friday, September 2, 2011

Whole Lot of Nothing...

Originally written and posted April 20, 2010.

Here are some pictures that I’m behind in posting…

When my friends came to visit, Dave took us on a hay-less hay ride. I reckon that would just be a ride? It was fun, whatever the name! Regal went with us, and stayed on the trailer….when it wasn’t moving! At least he looks happy about it!

And from when Mom and I went to Lexington… This is what we had for breakfast!

And Mom’s:

Me driving…actually, this isn’t a picture of me driving…it’s what I saw while driving.

Mom, watching me take a picture of her while I was driving.

And where we ate supper. It’s a bad picture because it was so dark….it was, um, very late.

And get this…that’s all the pictures I took. Isn’t that so very incredibley cheesy? I have seriously got to work on that. We had a lot of fun, and a few…interesting experiences. I’ll just say that some people in Lexington (and I guess you run into this in any big city) are just plain WEIRD! And they looked at us like we were weird! What’s up with that? I bought some yarn (no way!) some fabric, a few patterns (and I know you’re saying “so how was this different than any other shopping trip you’ve ever taken?!” It was Lexington, and that’s about the only difference!) and some new rubber boots. Isn’t that last one exciting??? I have been needing some new rubber boots, and I just don’t like the ones we always get at Walmart. They’re ugly.

These are a tad more snazzy…you think?

This is what happens to my “room” when I want to sew…

Now that the cows are back out on tons of green grass, I have yellow butter again!

And finally, I did a bit of Spring Cleaning a couple of weeks ago. Cooking isn’t the only thing the stove is good for sometimes!

If someone in this house didn’t fry so much, it would be easier to clean the shelves! As it is, everything sticks to the shelf and it’s very, very icky and sticky. I had to use a scrub brush and soapy water…

Ok. I think that’s all the miscellaneous shots. If you were to call me up one of these days and ask me what I was doing, it could be anything from cooking, to sewing, to knitting, to fiddling, to sewing machine gun slings, to sewing MP40 cartridge holders. Yep, if you thought I didn’t have enough varied interests, think again. Actually, it’s not so much that I’m that interested in WWII replica stuff, but it’s a job! I do hand-sewing work for At The Front now…weird, I know. The guy I used to work for at the tack shop sent these guys my way, and now we’re working out which pieces I want to sew, etc. It’s been interesting! This afternoon I was working on the machine gun slings (that sounds so funny for me to say!) and after doing a few of them, I pulled the thread over my finger a few too many times. Owie. So, I needed a break from that for the time being…the thread had cut my finger, and it was habit to pull the thread the same way every time. After it was already cut, I wrapped and pulled the thread without even realizing it was going to hurt like the devil when it dug the cut even deeper. Ok…TMI. :)

I need to work on a blog for this past weekend, so I’m closing this one! Be back later, y’all!

For those of you who don't know, it's a tradition for Mom and me to go off for a day and go shopping around our birthdays. We usually go to Lexington, or maybe Nashville. Come to think of it, I don't think we went anywhere this year. :( Just yard saling on!

So, if you're thinking I posted an old post because I didn't do anything interesting're dead right! I went to Walmart, which is about as exciting as going off in our town gets! When we first moved here, our town had a tiny Walmart. I mean, tiny. Like, you could see the back wall when you went in. Certainly not wht we were used to! We liked it though...there were no automatic doors. You know what that means? It means folks held the doors open for each other. It was nice and I really liked the atmosphere.

Well, give it a year or two, and we had us a super Walmart. Oh yay. So now, we have automatic doors and employees who won't smile at you. Maybe they're still upset over the doors...I dunno. I have a grudge against automatic doors, if you couldn't tell. Check this out.


I try to make a habit of avoiding embarrassing situations. I’d like everyone to think I’m always calm, cool, and collected, and calm, cool, collected people don’t have embarrassing moments. Or at least, they make sure no one knows about them. So here I am, about to blow away any idea that I really am calm, cool, and collected.

Sometime last year, I was leaving Walmart, and I was approaching the big sliding doors. At the same time, I was rummaging through my purse trying to find my car keys. Well, doofus blondy here wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, and the doors didn’t open quite as quickly as she had thought. So, in other words, I ran into the door with the right side of my body, with a pretty good bit of force…I was in a hurry. You know those moments where you look around and you’re SO glad no one witnessed the awful, but funny, event? I looked around…and saw this group of teenage guys walking toward me. “Maybe they didn’t see…” says I. Hm…no such luck. They not only saw, but several of them busted out laughing and when my burning face and I walked by, I heard one of them say “Did y’all see that? She ran into the door!!!” Stupid teenagers. There went a good bit of my pride.

I lost the rest of it today.

Today I went to town, went to one store, and only took my keys and wallet in, instead of my whole purse. Then I got back in the car, drove to Walmart, grabbed my purse, and a buggy, and spent a while shopping. I went to the checkout line, the lady checked me out, and announced that I owed $92-something. I smiled, grabbed my purse, went through it…and went through it…and went through it again. It wasn’t there. Did I mention there was a whole line of people behind me, too? So I had to run out to my car, get the stupid wallet, (I know, I know…the wallet wasn’t stupid…) and come back in, pay for my stuff, and try to apologize sufficiently. Sigh. Yep, I have no pride whatsoever left. I think my face was as red as the tomatoes I bought.

Now that I think about it, maybe I just won’t go to Walmart anymore! That seems to be my problem! Or I could just give up trying to appear calm, cool, and collected and act like the dingy blonde that I apparently am.

See what I mean?

That's not even what I was talking about, though. The day our super Walmart opened, we were listening to the radio and heard an interview with one of those crazy people that had to be there at Walmart when it opened. The interviewer was talking to the lady and said "a super Walmart in our town...what more could a girl want?"

What more could a girl want??? How about a JoAnn's, Hancocks, a Barnes and Nobles, for Pete's sake!!! Ok, so B & N is too expensive, but you get the point. And besides, if there were a B & N, there'd be a Starbucks.

And we'd all have to work at the new super Walmart to be able to buy all the things we'd have to have at those new stores. Ok, ok, ok...

Anyway, there's a whole lot of nothing...enjoy!

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