Friday, September 30, 2011


So, we moved out house around. Remember how I said we had a trillion books and it looked like a tornado in a library?

I told you! If I counted correctly, we have 9 bookshelves FULL of books, and we moved every single one of them. We were trying to work fast, so we said we wouldn't really organize the books when we put them back on. We'd just get them back on the shelves, out of the floor, and we'd organize them later. Yeah. Have YOU ever tried to tell my dad NOT to organize something? So, putting the books back, while organizing them to some extent, took quite a while. Our house was upside down for a few days!

During our coffee break, which occurs even when the house is upside down, Rylie climbed up on the couch beside me and I took some pictures of her..and us.

She's adorable!

I still don't have any pictures of the rest of the house (besides, we're still waiting to being some big furniture into the house, so some rooms aren't finished) but I did finish my area. Remember that cabinet I started refinishing, oh, about 17 years ago? Well, after I got everything else in my room done, I really wanted to get that cabinet in here, so I went to the barn and finished it one afternoon. It. Looks. Horrid. I mean, BAD. I soooo should have painted it instead of staining it. But, I didn' I have it in my room like it is, and it still holds everything I need it to hold. :)

I guess my room would bother some people...nothing all! All the wood furniture is different. It doesn't really matter that much to's because I always buy cheap! The new cabinet is one I bought at an auction, for $15. My dresser is another auction find, and I think it was $35. My sewing table is one I bought from a lady at church, for around $50, I think. My white chest of drawers is one I've had for...forever, I think. Mom and Dad bought it at Walmart years and years ago...I think! Dad made the bed I have probably ten years ago, for him and Mom. They got a new one, so I got the one they had. I want to eventually put my daybed in my room, but not before we have company for Thanksgiving. :) A daybed isn't couple-friendly. :D

So, anyway! Here are the pictures! To preface, you used to be able to see the side of my bed from the hallway, if you've never been here before. Now, you see:

This is my "doorway" (over which I hope to hang a pretty quilt)

My "new" cabinet. I decorated (i.e. hid some of the uglier parts) with vintage lace...also an auction find. I LOVE auctions! (You can see a little of how terrible the staining turned out...the paint that was on it had thoroughly soaked into the grain, making sanding it So, the stain didn't soak in like it was supposed to.) Right now it's holding baskets full of my sewing stuff...mostly fabric.

Now, the far corner. My dresser, a handy organizer thing my aunt bought for me a looong time ago, my grandpa's (he said it's mine, though) classical guitar, my window with a hopefully gone-soon window unit, and part of my bed. The organizer thing had been living in Mom's room for ages now, since I didn't have anywhere to put it until now. Now it's full of my yarn. :D

Daddy even hung my fiddle-holder! I've been wanting that up for three years!

Now, the view from standing in that corner, looking at my doorway. I also have yarn stored on top of my "wall." There is my hamper...I tried putting it in the bathroom, but Mom wouldn't let me. It's green, and the bathroom's not. Apparently, that was a problem. :) Oh, and my lovely green hat on the bedpost. (I like green, if you've never noticed.)

The opposite corner: note the yarn storage. :) Also pictured, my sewing table and machine, sewing bag that holds all of my thread and all sorts of sewing related stuff. The white dresser is serving as a writing table thing for now. All of my stationary and writing stuff is there. The usual stuff you'd find on a writing table, I guess. I'm bringing my chair up from the barn (where it's parked in front of leather machine right now) and it will go in front of the sewing table or the writing table, depending on what I'm doing.

Yarn storage:

I'm liking my walls. We were going to just wait and buy some sheets to put up, but I found some fabric Mom bought years ago and it worked perfectly! Granted, it needed ironing, but we were so excied to find it, we didn't even care! Anyway, back to why I like can pin stuff on them, or put magnets on either side and tack important stuff up. :) Neat!

Close-up of my organizer thing. (Good grief, Tara...what do you call it?!)

It holds just some of my insane yarn collection. The bottom two boxes are crochet thread (which I should probably get rid of...I never use it these days.) The next box is new cotton, the next is cotton that's been opened and used out of, along with some other skeins that don't fit anywhere else, and the next box is all unique, NICE yarn. Oh, and my shawl pin/stick thingy.

Close-up of my sewing table...the box of pink stuff is yarn that I'm going to sell on Ebay. Hopefully. The basket under that is some of my knitted stuff...shawls, hats, etc.

Close-up of my clean dresser. Clean meaning no stacks of paper. I know my runner thing needed ironing too. Good new is, I have two china cups, so if any of you want to stop in for a cup of coffee or hot tea, we'll have a fancy cup to drink it in. :) The blue thing is a candle, which I'll talk about later. The jewelry box used to be my aunt's, and she gave it to me when she got married, I think.

My baskets in my new cabinet. I need to get some more at yard sales or thrift stores (when I go find a quilt for my door)...

Detail of my lace cover-up on the cabinet doors...

My fiddle :)

Mine and Dave's closet is directly across from my doorway. I took a goofy picture.

Please note: the messy stuff on the top of the other wall, behind me in the picture, is NOT mine. :) We will eventually hang the curtain up higher, closer to the ceiling, once the guys build some sort of jig thing to hold it up.

I think that's it for my room. It's not big, and it's still cluttered with too much stuff. But it works for me for now. :) It's working real good. I like it.

Rylie wanted in on the picture-taking.

She found my lovely green hat. She liked it as much as I do!

And I told her to smile...

TweetiePie. :) candle!

Someone bought this for me a long time ago...I don't even remember who now. Anyway, it has a tea candle in the bottom, and heats up the little teapot thing on top. Well, I put a cotton ball in the teapot, soaked with essential oil, and put a little water in it to keep anything from burning or anything like that, and it smells sooo good!

Anyway, my room smells musty now, with the sheets of fabric for walls. They'd been stored for a while! So, I dabbed a cotton ball with Peru Balsam and Cinnamon oil, put it in the teapot, added a little water, and lit 'er up. :) My room is smelling better and better...

Okiedokie! I think that'll wrap this one up. Now I think you know enough about my room to be able to find just about anything in it if you need to!

Talk to y'all later!


  1. That's really funny...the fact that you think I know what the handy organizer thing is called! It took me a few minutes of looking at the first picture of it to even figure out what you were talking about! Then I was asking myself what other aunt you have...whew!! I must be getting old! But after a few minutes I did recall buying it. I think it came from ABC Distributing, but I think handy organizer thing sounds great! I also think that you have used the space that you have very nicely!