Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"But, What About The L.F.I.T.S.'s?"

Originally written and posted 5-6-2010

“The Large, Flying Insects That Sting? I don’t think they exist.”

However, instead of in the Fire Swamp, with the Dread Pirate Roberts, this particular scene took place in our living room, around this time last year. Our house had been invaded with large flying insects that, as we were told by Dave (a teenage male ego is a fearful thing,) did NOT sting. They must have built a nest in our walls somewhere, as we would see several of them each and every night. We would kill them, and then there would be more. However, we were all resting assured that they did NOT sting. Therefore, they were just a nuisance, and not a real threat to our health. Just our sanity, which, as those of you who know us personally already know, was already on it’s way out the door.

Then late one night (in a land far, far away…) I was sitting on the couch with my computer. Everyone else was asleep, and my computer light was the only light on in the living room. I heard a buzzing, and saw a few of these guys flying around. Soon they started getting closer and annoying me…I mean, I wasn’t scared, because I knew (thanks to Dave and his infinite wisdom…) that they would NOT sting me. Finally, one landed on me. To be exact, he landed on my chest. And, I swatted him. And he stung me. On the chest. AND on the hand I swatted him with. Apparently, he wasn’t the stinging insect that only gets one sting before he dies. Oh, man, did it ever HURT! Especially for a non-stinging insect! Huh. Whatever. He stung…and he stung bad. My hand was swollen, and I was most certainly NOT a happy camper. Dave is quite lucky I didn’t shake him awake and….oh, I don’t know…do something bad to him.

Turns out, Google is smarter than a teenage male ego, and thanks to Google Images, I found out that our harmless lil’ buddies were none other than HORNETS! We were living with a hornet nest practically IN our house, and we were all told not to worry, because they would NOT sting!

So, if you think that L.F.I.T.S.’s don’t exist, think again. You just might be the next one stung.

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