Monday, September 12, 2011


Sew, today I decided to get some sewing done. Yesterday afternoon I dropped off all the purses and totes I had made at a consignment shop, so I don't have any more here at the house. I need to make more for when (when, not "if", hopefully) those sell, and there's another shop in NC that I'm supposed to take purses to sometime. With all of that in mind, I figured I needed to go ahead and start making more, instead of waiting until the last minute and having to sew 18 hours a day or something! :)

I got four bags cut out, and I've picked out and set aside fabric for two more, I think. I also need to finish up several "shopping bags" that I started last week...I have about five of those in different stages, and I'd like to make more of those as well. I may be ready to start sewing the ones I've cut out tomorrow. My sewing machine is an aggravation to me, but it does work, so I'll be using it for a while yet, I guess. The whole thing is plastic and parts have broken off, so I'm using tape to hold the thing together! I do have the treadle Singer, but I don't have a belt for it. I'd love to get a belt and use that to sew! I played around with it a few days ago...I threaded it and turned the wheel to sew just a small line, and it works very smoothly. The thread was knotting up a little on the back, so I guess it would take some researching to learn how to use the machine properly. My machine is still good enough for now, and I certainly don't think I'll be replacing it any time soon! Mom and Dad bought me that machine probably ten or more years ago now, along with a book on how to sew. Strangely enough, I don't think I've ever gone through the book. :)

This morning Dad and I dropped my car off at the shop to get several things fixed on it. Dave needs to go take his driving test, and he couldn't take my car the way it was. Dad said it would be a lot easier for him to take the test with my car, since it's so much smaller than Dad's big truck...besides, the truck isn't the greatest any more! Our wreck really messed it up, and we weren't planning on getting any of that stuff fixed. So, Dad said he would go ahead and get my car fixed...the brakes were grinding, which was the main thing that had to be fixed. They're also looking at my air blows out the vents or the defrost, depending on how you step on the gas. Weird. The fuel gauge doesn't work, and you can't open one of the doors from the inside....anyway, there's a lot wrong with it, and hopefully there will be a lot fixed!

In addition to all of the sewing I need to get done, the leashes are still waiting to be completed. I won't be able to completely finish them until a few other things fall into place, but there are a few things I can be doing. Still need to get my shop all cleaned up and then finish what I can do right now.

That's enough for to y'all later!

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