Friday, September 9, 2011

Mountain Dulcimer For Sale

I'm selling my mountain dulcimer. It's a Walnut Creek DU-46 and I've only played it half a dozen times or so. It's a great instrument, practically brand new, and when I got it out of the case to take pictures, it was in tune...I hadn't gotten it out in probably a year! It sounds great, I'm just not going to play it and I need to sell it. The back, sides, and fretboard are black walnut and I'm not sure what the top is. You can read more about Walnut Creek dulcimers on this page, from the store where I bought mine. This one was made in 2005, which is when I bought it, I believe.

I have the owner's guide that came with it, as well as a pick, a wooden noter, an extra set of strings, TK O'Brien's "Guide to Playing the Moutain Dulcimer" and a Mel Bay "The Dulcimer Hymn Book." All for $250.


  1. Funny, I just put mine up for sale yesterday. I hope they both sell!

    I'm just guessing here, but the top looks like butternut to me.

  2. I hope they both sell, too! Good luck with your's!
    Thanks for the input on the wood...there's a list of woods they use, on Walnut Creek's website, but nothing definite on mine.