Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today we went to a local festival and set up our stuff. When Dave got a piece of metal in his eye this past week and had to go to the eye doc, the doc invited him to come demontrate at this festival. So, Mom and I were going along to set up our stuff...soap and my bags.

Other than the fact that we had to get up ridiculously early (it's bad being this close to "fast time"..we're right on the line) it was a nice day...the weather was perfect and we were able to set up under a huge pole barn.

The only other thing was, this was my table:

....when it was time to pack up.

I sold one thing within the first ten minutes of being set up, and made $10. I figured with that start, it was going to be great! I was going to sell out of everything and have to come home and make more! So actually, the $10 I "made" all day is without paying my half of the set-up fee... So, I really made, oh, about $2.50.

Oh, well...we got to meet a lot of nice people and we had a good time. Dave even said I was socializing and talking more. I guess that's good... They make fun of me something awful for being shy and not talking.

I was supposed to go see about a consignment account this past week, but it never worked out for me to go, time-wise, and then the brakes on my car started grinding, and Dad said it wasn't very safe to keep driving it a lot. So, he told me we'd take my car to the shop next week and I can drive his truck if I need to. I'm planning on swinging by the consignment store one day this week, hopefully towards the beginning, and get that going. It's gotta be better than what I'm doing now. :( That's not saying a whole lot, though! The good news is, Dad's going to get everything on my car fixed...the broken gas gauge, the brakes, the driver's seat that has a mind of its own, the headlight that's out, etc. It also leaks through the sunroof (at which point you're saying "is the car any good at all?" comment,) but I don't that will be fixed this time around. I told Dad I was going to rip out the headliner, seal the darn thing up, and staple some loud hippie fabric on the ceiling.

I don't think he believed me.

The bad news, in all of that, is that I have got to start selling something. And soon! I'm almost done with some leashes (yes, it has taken me forever...thanks for pointing that out!) so I can sell those. I do have an excuse for taking so long to get them done...the guys were working in my room in the shop and had it really messed up for a while. I knew it was bad, and started to get a little concerned when Dave came up to the house and said "um, Kayla? Don't go in your shop for the next few days...k?" Yikes! I did go down there yesterday (to help them unload Dad's new jointer...that thing weighs waaaaay tooooo much) and saw my shop. It's getting better and better! They're working on the electrical stuff, and wired a switch directly to my shop (before, one switch turned on the whole side of the barn, and my shop's just a small part of it) they wired several outlets, and then fixed my lighting. I did just have three 75W bulbs in the whole thing, and the lighting never was sufficient. So, they installed "lights with long skinny bulbs - shop lights" (says Dave when I asked him what my lights were called!) and the lighting now is incredible! I'll have to get pictures once I clean Dave's bootprints off of my tables!!!

Ok, I'd better finish up before I fall asleep writing this! I shot Dave a lot today (he he he,) and got some really neat pictures of a very social praying mantis, but I'm not working on all of those right now.

Oh, alright...just one:

"What are YOU looking at?"

:nods off: hklsafdihhdjfknf.adffnv.

Yeah, so anyway, good night and I'll talk to y'all again soon! :)

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