Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where Am I?

So, I'm pretty sure y'all are wondering where I've been, and why I've been so very unnaturally quiet.

Or maybe you haven't been wondering that at all; rather, you've been relieved. "Yay!!! She finally SHUT UP!"

But then again, you're only here on my blog if you want to know what I've been up to and where I've been, so we'll assume, for now, that you haven't been wanting me to quit blogging so often, which is what has happened this past week or so.

Well, last week...I don't remember what happened, but I'm pretty sure there's a good reason I didn't blog. I only don't blog when there's a good reason. Maybe it was because the boys have some battle fighting computer game that they spend hours on...all three boys, so that's hours times three. True, I have my computer, but it's slow and gives me fits and I don't like to blog from it. It takes years to write a decent size post from my computer. And you can forget the pictures. Random surfing is fine sometimes, but only if you're not in a hurry. :)

So anyway, church was Sunday, and I don't usually blog on Sunday afternoon...obviously.

Yesterday and today, our house has looked like a library caught in a tornado. Seriously. (We have a gazillion books.) You'd have thought we lived in Kansas. For the past few weeks, Mom has been walking around the house with a tape measure, measuring everything with a weird, psychotic look on her face. It was scary. She wouldn't even tell us anything she was thinking about, with all that measuring. Well, finally, she broke down and told everyone her crazy plan for moving the entire...and I do mean entire...front to back...house around. At one point, when she was measuring in the living room, I asked her if I got the living room for a bedroom, but no such luck.

I'll tell you our problem. Our house in GA was bigger than this one. When we moved, we rented a stroage unit here in town and have had that for the three years we've been here. Well, now the guys have the barn weather-proofed enough to bring our stuff home to store, but there's some furniture stored that Mom didn't want to be in the barn. The problem is, we have a dining room set...china cabinet and buffet, that matches our table. The table that's been sitting in the kitchen (in the way) for the past three years. There's also a couple other small things that will need to be inside when the storage stuff comes home...hope chest, antique sewing machine, etc.

We have grand plans to build onto our house. In these plans, there's a dining room, as well as a library area, and there would be a master bed and bath in the basement, (so we'd have more than two bedrooms) along with a laundry room. Well, these plans aren't going to happen tomorrow (or in the foreseeable future) and we still need to cram all of our stuff in this small area. Sooo....enter Mom with psychotic face.

In the past two days, our large living room has been transformed into a small living room, library (with computer desk,) and dining room. The back bedroom that the boys and I share (a huge bedroom all the way across a double-wide) has been turned into two smaller bedrooms with sorta-walls. What are "sorta-walls?" Well, we have three of those wire racks that roll, that house all of Mom's soap stuff. The racks have been rolled into the center of the room, my bookshelves made another wall off of those walls, and I now have an almost-room. All of the sorta-walls are covered with fabric. I have an overly large "doorway" where I think I'll hang a quilt.

I'm sure this isn't making any sense whatsoever, so as soon as we're completely finished, I'll get pictures and post them. If you've been to our house before, it will be easier to understand what we've done...if you haven't...well, shame on you!

Oh, and since the big table is coming out of the kitchen, guess what? We get an island! I have always wanted an island in our kitchen! We figured we can have a 2'x5' or 6' island, and still have plenty of space to work, and that way we get all the storage from the cabinets in the island as well! Not to mention the storage in the china cabinet and buffet we're bringing home! I told Dad I wanted a checkerboard butcher block thing for the whole counter-top on the island, but I don't think I'll get that!
It will still be a few days before we're done moving stuff. We can't bring the big furniture home until Dad gets his truck out of the shop (should be sometime this week.) I'm not sure when they'll build the island, and there are a couple other things that have to be done...phone line has to be moved, TV will be mounted in an obscure corner, etc. That's one great thing about the new plan...the focal point isn't a TV. Right now the TV and computer are all the same, but we're mounting the TV in a corner, so it can be pulled out only when we use it (once or twice a week) and we got a smaller monitor for the computer, which will be in the library. We're doing some finagling with internet modems and LAN cords so that we can do Netflix through the TV. I guess a lot of folks go through thr game systems for the internet hooked to the TV (or so the guy at Walmart says) but we don't have any of that stuff.

Anyway, I now have more of a room that I've had in the past three years, which is a little exciting. I'd always had my own room, so moving here was a change. I'm also having to put all of my sewing stuff back in my room, instead of the living room, so there's a lot of stuff back there. I'll just have to get pictures soon!

I left candles burning and I still need to make my bed (I washed the sheets while I was moving everything) so I'd better get back there and get busy again. I have a few recipe posts ready to be posted...it's just getting the time block (when no one else is on the computer!) to post them!

See y'all later!

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