Monday, October 17, 2011

Where I've Been and What I've Been Doing!

Ok, I told y'all I'd been busy sewing, remember? Well, here it is:

I (being the coffee lover that I am) LOVE this one that I made!

There's a matching wallet..

These three purses are all the same style...

I've had fun experimenting with the wallets...I think I have the pattern like I like it now. We'll see how they do.

I dropped all this stuff off at the store that carries them yesterday. Hopefully they'll move a bit!

Since I've done so much sewing in the last couple of weeks, I'm really looking forward to a little break from that. I'm hoping to spend this week in my leather shop. I have a lot of stuff that I could do with my leather, just haven't had the time lately.

Over the weekend, we did a couple great fun things. We went to an auction here in town Saturday. The flyer said that there were some forges, so we talked Dave into going too. There was a ton of antique stuff that went for TONS of money (including those forges) so we just watched, mostly. I guess the cast iron buyers stayed home, though...I bought four skillets for $15!!! I didn't get any pictures of them yet, but they're pretty nasty. A couple cans of oven cleaner, some plastic bags, a couple weeks, and a little elbow grease, though, and they'll be great!

Mom found some buckets full of pretty stained glass that she wanted, but there was another guy who apparently had more money than he knew what do with, and he outbid her. He spent SO much that day...he was #10, and every time something went way too high, #10 was who got it.

A friend invited our family to his family's house for a get-together they were having, and we went and had a great time! They had all kinds of games and everyone brought a ton of great food!

The little kids rolled pumpkins...

Sack races...

I didn't do the sack race, but Dave and other friends did...

They tried to get me in the womens' sack race, but I was quite happy to stay behind the camera! :)

Dave raced while carrying someone on his back...

They swapped at the end and went back...THEY WON!

Then there was the egg toss.

Mom said I was eight feet from my partner when I chunked the egg way over his head...but I think we were farther apart than that. However far apart we were, I did chunk it way over his head and broke it. :(

Dave and his partner did much better! They were really far apart by the time he chunked it over HIS partner's head.

We played tug-o-war...

We were discussing proper tugging technique. No, I didn't pull with one hand.

Pulling! The guys (the shadows) were cheering us on...

Mom and Philip were watching. (Dad and Titus were sick this weekend, so they stayed home.)

The guys!

And then. Then there was the pie eating contest.

These little kids were so cute!

When the contest was over, this little guy wasn't finished. He licked his plate clean!

The big girls and then the big guys competed after the little kids. I declined, and we tried to get Dave in, but he wouldn't do it either.

Philip in the obstacle course...


They have the prettiest cow...I was quite envious!

Then we played volleyball. It's official. I stink at volleyball!

I think this was the only time I hit the ball. I definitely need more practice at this!

Mom watched. She said it had been a hundred thousand years since she played in high school. She's aged well.

Even though I broke the egg, worked everyone else extra hard on the volleyball court, and spilled pie all over the outside of a trash bag cleaning up (didn't get a picture of that one) I had a good time. Maybe I'll get more practice at this stuff and be better next time! (Except for the pie, anyway!)


  1. I love, love, love the butterfly set!!

  2. Looks like fun! It almost seems like Dave would have done the pie contest... .Maybe the boy’s got more sense than I’ve given him credit for!

  3. I know, Nicole! I thought so too! He used his facial hair as an excuse. I told him the skinny guys always win the eating contests. He told our friends he'd do it next year...I'll have to hold him to that!

    It was a ton of fun...