Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Stuff

Originally written June 29, 2010...posted July 1st.

So, last Saturday, we went to Owensboro to pick up an anvil for Dave. After driving…and driving…and driving….and driving (before which I’d gotten out of bed at 4:30am. Stinkin’ 4:30AM. There’s a first for everything, though…now I’ve milked a cow before 5AM. It’s not something I’m anxious to repeat.) and driving….we FINALLY got there. I’d already looked online and saw that the ROMP bluegrass festival was going on that very week, so I was slightly miffed about that. We were going all the way to Owensboro during ROMP and I wasn’t getting to go. :( When we got to Owensboro, Dave was telling us where to go, and at every single turn we took, there was a ROMP sign. We were going exactly where the festival was. I mean, the guy’s house was a couple of miles from ROMP! When we finished getting the anvil, I took the one turn that led to ROMP, just so I could maybe get a glimpse of the festival. I drove into the park where it’s held, but you had to go past security to be able to SEE anything, so Dad told the guy that we were just turning around. Yeah…trying to get a glimpse of somebody famous and hear some good music in the process, but we were just turning around. After we turned around, Dave said “yeah, we’re just turning around…and where’s the main stage located? We really thought there was a turn-around at the main-stage…” On the schedule, I’d seen that Dailey and Vincent were going to be there Friday, and Valerie Smith was there Saturday. Beck Buller, who taught the first fiddle workshop I’d ever gone to (before I really started playing at all) was teaching a workshop Saturday afternoon…the Saturday afternoon that I was turning around in the parking lot. When we pulled out of the park, Mom and Dave said that was the best bluegrass festival they had ever been to. Ha ha.

There are a couple festivals that are coming up that I’m excited about, so that helps some. There will be one in Burkesville sometime in September, and Dailey and Vincent will be there. There’s usually a good festival in Russell Springs in August, too. That’s all within 30 minutes or so of the house, so it’s easier for me to go to those. Instead of those where you have to drive….and drive….and drive….and drive….

We did have a good time at some friends’ house Saturday afternoon, so the trip wasn’t bad at all.

We’re leaving Thursday for Gettysburg. I’m sort of excited, I guess… I like going new places, but I’m slightly concerned about the apparent lack of showering facilities. Surely there must be a way..somehow….I hope! A 4 day event in July really needs a place to get cleaned up, I think. My authenticity doesn’t run that deep. In fact, my authenticity doesn’t run ANYWHERE near that deep. On second thought, I don’t even think I have any authenticity. And now I’m going to quit talking about that because that (authenticity) is hard to type. Speaking of …. that…. I have no idea what shoes I’m going to wear. I usually wear my cowboy boots, because you can’t see the shoes underneath the hoop most of the time, but I’ll be wearing the new work dress I ordered. Somehow, I don’t think the cowboy boot underneath is a good idea. Maybe I’ll just go barefoot. But they didn’t have nail polish back then, I guess… Oh, see my predicament? ;)

Dad has been working on a remodeling job for the past several weeks, and Mom has been going with him a lot. So, I’ve been doing little other cooking, cleaning, laundry, and babysitting. I’m behind and have been taking way too long on the leatherwork I’m doing…I’m really not able to work on it at all during the day, so it has to be done after supper, usually. When Mom and Dad come in, they get cleaned up and then they’re ready to eat, so I’ve been having supper ready then. Tonight I’ll try to go over to some friends’ to use their leather sewing machine. I’m really booking it, trying to get a shipment of leather stuff off before we leave. Tomorrow we’ll be packing, and Dad needs some help in the garden, too. I’m experiencing slight feelings of being overwhelmed.

Now I’ve got a batch of cookies coming out of the oven, I need to finish supper, and Mom and Dad will be home soon, so I’ll talk to all y’all later!


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