Friday, October 21, 2011


What's up 'round these parts? Well, I haven't been doing anything too terribly exciting, or at least, nothing that would be interesting enough to y'all, so that's why I haven't posted anything too terribly exciting.

Some of you may know that we bought a school bus a few months ago. Someone asked Mom what it was for, and we tried to get her to tell the person we were starting a school. But we're not. Mom and the boys have been doing a lot of work on it over the past couple of weeks.

Oh, the real answer to what it's for is this: We're turning it into an RV. A bus conversion, whatever you want to call it.

They took the seats out...

This morning Mama backed it down to the barn so we could store the seats in the barn. Now that was funny.

Titus and Philip were trying to help her back up.

We finally got to the barn, with much braking and screaming on the way.

Looks like Dad's taking up blacksmithing...

Titus turns wood...

So everyone formed an assembly line (only we weren't assembling anything...) and carted all the seats upstairs in the barn.

Now our bus is empty!

Oh, it's name is "The Fun Side." Ever seen "Madagascar?"

In other news, I finished a sweater I was knitting. It looks better on, trust me.

I blocked it and it's dry now (took forever to dry!) so I just need to get someone to shoot some pics for me.

Here's the cabled front, stretched out a bit.

The color's weird in this one, but you can see more of the sweater. The other pictures are more true to the real color!

I started knitting a hat, but it's turning out pretty big. Haven't decided if I want to tink it or just felt it a tiny bit. Maybe I'll just find someone with a big head and gift!

Hm...what else. A wheel bearing on my car went out and a friend of mine fixed it for me yesterday. He stayed for supper and we played Scrabble and ate too much sugar and had a lot of fun.

I guess that's it for now. If anything else insanely exciting happens, I'll be sure to let you know! :)

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