Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fiddlin' Around

Who knew breaking down bowing in a way that makes sense to a 10-year-old is sooo dang HARD??? It's killing me!

I'm trying to teach Philip how to play the fiddle. He's doing really good...he can hear the notes really well, and knows what they're suppoed to sound like. Sometimes when I can't get my fiddle out and he has a question about a part of a song, and I hum it for him. Most of the time he finds the notes without me showing him, just by listening to me hum (or "da-dum-ing it!)

Right now we're working on Tallahassee, and for those of you who know the song, we're trying to learn the bowing sequence on the A note, the last note of the A part.

So, so far we know Come Thou Fount (he and I twin that one,) and we're working on Soldier's Joy and Tallahassee. He knows all the notes and can play Soldier's Joy...now we're fine-tuning it so it's not choppy. A few days ago, he came to me playing part of a song we used to sing at our church in GA, Cheer Up Ye Saints of God. I didn't even know he was playing that, and he picked it out on his own.

In other news, I've been buried beneath a mountain of fabric, interfacing and tangled threads, which is why I haven't been blogging quite as much. All of my notepad holders sold, so I'm making a bunch more of those. Last Friday, I was headed toWalmart to pick up some fabric to match other fabric I had here at the house, and I stopped in at a yard sale. Turns out, the lady was a quilter and had a ton of fabric for sale. I bought $8 worth...which was quite a bit, and several things I got matched stuff I needed it to match! I was so excited! Since she quilted, a lot of it is small pieces and already matched in bundles, which is perfect for what I'm doing. Like I said, I was pretty happy about finding all of it! So far this week, I've made 7.5 notepad holders. One isn't finished. :) Seeing that that's just Monday and Tuesday, and I haven't been working on it too much, that's pretty good. I won't get rich off of this anytime soon, but it's something!

I also finished cleaning up and seasoning my new skillet. Before:

And after:

I'm pretty happy with it...if it weren't for that silvery paint...
Oh...and see if you can make sense of this picture...


Talk to y'all later!


  1. hey, kayla! my name is karen, ya'll used to come to our church once in a while when you lived in georgia, steve fournier is my pastor, and dena is a good friend of mine, so i've been following your blog for quite a while.... i just wanted to comment on your recent cast iron skillet that you got, you know when you clean them and scrub them to the point that you did, it's not silver paint, it's actually the color of the iron.... and i don't know if you realize it, but when you find an old one like that, you can put it in a fire, and just burn it off really well, and wash it, and then re-season it to use... the fire part should be easy with the blacksmith shop, lol! just put it in the fire and burn it, it's not going to hurt it, burn it off for a while, it will be fine, let it cool down and wash it, and then you can start your seasoning process... maybe this will help in the future, cause i know the process you went through is kinda hard.... just my two cents worth, lol! it does work, though, try it sometime... i really love your blog, so keep it up.... thanks, karen

  2. Hi, Karen! Thatnks so much for the tip! I've read about putting the pan in the fire, like you said, but when I looked online for instruction on cleaning it up, I found a method where you spray the pan with oven cleaner every 2 days for a week, keeping it in plastic bags. That worked really well, and I didn't have to scrub at all...if there was still gunk on it, you just spray more cleaner on it and let it work!

    Thanks so much for commenting!