Friday, October 14, 2011

I Went Out Walking...

Yep. Me 'n Patsy.


I've been meaning for a while now to go out and take a walk around our property. I wanted to get some good pictures of all the fall colors before all the leaves fell. Well, I think I was too late! This whole week, (well, nearly) the weather has been nice, and as I mentioned before, I've been buried in fabric and stuck at my sewing table. (You should see my room! Wait...I take that back. You should NOT see my room.) So, I was ready to get out and see everything!

I was really looking forward to seeing the creek, and taking pictures of it, but it was so full of leaves, the pictures didn't turn out that great. So, looks like I was a week or two too late for that fine line between grat fall colors and dead leaves on the ground! Anyway, here are some of the pictures I got today.

I tried to wake Regal up so he could go with me. I like having him as a bodyguard. He was NOT ready to get up.

I finally went on without him. I figured he'd follow once he saw I was really going somewhere. I was right. (of course...duh.)

Yeah, that dot waaay up on the hill is him.


This is the path down the hill, towards our creek.

Closer to the creek...

Oh, look...a creek!

Regal finally made it, with all his slowpokedness. I really don't believe that's a word.

Still plodding along...still hadn't caught up with me...

Pretty flower...

He's great at using those brown eyes to fuss at me. "Mom, why did you wake me up for this?"

Looking up...


You didn't see it? Look again...

Yeah, I didn't see it either.

That one snuck right up on me.

Cookie found us...

And Regal was much happier. Jerk. I'm the only girl in his life. Or not.

Another pretty flower...


It was windy!

I walked across pastures.

I hiked up hills and down.

What in heck is this???

Then I slid down the hill I hiked up.

Yep...right down there.

That one right there...

My rear suffered permanent damage.

Then I crossed back over the creek, wading this time, instead of rock-hopping. I make it sound like a sport!

And back across the field to my point of origin.

And I couldn't do all of that without getting a picture of me to put on my blog!

Dave said I looked like Nanny McPhee...

The dogs had run off playing about the time I slid down that hill. I rounded the corner of the house, and whaddya know...

Some devoted bodyguard, huh?

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, Titus helped me make pizza last night.

Yes, he is nearly as tall as me. That's weird.

Alrighty, that'll wrap this one up. We're hitting at auction in the morning (yay!) and I need to get to bed. See y'all!


  1. How much land do you have? It looks colossal! Wow, so nice!!!! I agree it is too bad you didn't get pics before the creek got filled up with leaves, but I still enjoyed the adventure =)

  2. Hi, Betsy! We have almost 60 acres here, so there's plenty to spend a lot of time walking! I'm glad you liked it!