Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old Home Videos


When we moved our house around (I swear, that sounds like wicked witch was involved...) we found our old videos that we taped on our ancient video recorder. Like, not digital. Wow. The dark ages. We had a whole stack of tapes, but at the time we had no idea where the bigger video tape (the one that fits into the VCR player) was, so we had no way to play the tapes. (The small tapes from the camcorder fit into the bigger tape that fits into the VCR) We'd been through a 350 mile move and a few different furniture arrangings since we'd needed that tape...there was no telling where it might be!

Well, I found it. It was with all the other video tapes. Duh.

Sooo....yesterday and today have been very interesting. We've been watching those old tapes. So far, we've seen some from 2002, 2003, and 2006, I think. Some goofy person (mama...) didn't label them at all, so we have several tapes with no labeling! Well, one we watched this afternoon said "used" on it. Gee. That's helpful.

Wow...I mean, if you want entertainment, we've got it going on. This is hilarious! And if anyone wondered, 13, 14, and 17 were not good looks for me. Wow. Someone should have told me. Drop the ponytail, girl! I did..I wore a ponytail every day for the longest time. I was probably 15 when we were on the way to church one Sunday morning and Mom told me I always looked like I was going to the beach, with my ponytail. Ok. I still don't wear ponytails.

We've seen birthdays. Oh, boy, have we seen birthdays. My 14th...when Dave got me a new purse, and from out of the camera's sight, he hollered (in an unreal soprano) "Now I can have your old bag for a haversack!" We died laughing. You wouldn't believe how high his voice was! That was when he was all into the Civil War reenacting...every time the camera was on, he was dressed up in a uniform.

We saw Dave's 10th and 11th birthdays. For the 10th, he got Civil War Minutes...like 8 hours of documentaires on the war. Wow. He also got a rifle, and a sword. A real sword. It was longer than he was...he almost couldn't put it in it's sheath! Watching that, Dad said "Oh, son..the next box is hand grenades. Don't pull the pin, k?" LOL!

For Dave's 11th, we had a whole bunch of folks at the house. Birthdays are usually just family, for us. But this one...we had family, folks from BetterisLittle, and friends from church. Dave got all reenacting stuff...the second volume of CW Minutes, CW books, a CW cookbook, a canteen, etc. It was hilarious!

We watched Philip's 1st birthday, him trying to walk, him falling, etc, etc. Titus hollering "TilHOP!" Mom asking Philip where his nose was, and him pointing at his incredibly bald head.

All the birthdays were getting monotonous, so we watched some on fast-forward. The birthday person would be sitting there, and you'd see someone run hand them a present. The paper flew off, a baby crawled to get it, a girl snatched the baby, someone ran another present over, and it went on and on.

We watched the first bluegrass festival we went to, in 2003, I think. Valerie Smith playing in Dahlonega, GA. All I remember about that festival is everyone (else...not us!) crying because Johnny Cash had died.

We watched our kids' workshop with Cherryholmes. We played onstage...that was terrible. I played a solo with all those trillion people out there in the audience....what in HECK was I thinking??? We saw part of a fiddle lesson of mine...thank God for my patient teacher! If it sounded half as horrible as it does on the tape...bless his heart.

Then....we saw us playing. We played a couple southern gigs...a Lee-Jackson Dinner in '06, and a Christmas party for another southern organization in '04. Those would have been the first times we played as a band in public. Wow. When we finished watching, Dave said those tapes were Top Secret...Classified, and were to be locked away for a very long time. It was rough. And of course, it included the one time when I completely blanked on a song and messed my part all up. Just when I thought everyone had forgotten that...

We're nowhere near done watching the videos, but we have decided that we need a new digital recorder. Going back and watching those old ones has definitely been interesting!

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