Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Little Things

You know, it really are the little things that say the most sometimes. Like when someone cranks your car for you and gets the heat going a few minutes before you leave his house, on a cool night. 

When he can look at you when you think you're being perfectly normal, and say "what's wrong?" and something really is wrong...and you thought you were hiding it pretty well. Only he knows better.

When he is asked about the color of the paint in a certain house, as in who will be picking them out, he says "I thought I might let Kayla pick out the colors."

Or while talking about the lay of the land around that house, talking about the hill directly behind it, he says "that could be where you do your walk, up that hill."

"We're having a basket class next week, I'll pay for you to come if you want to." He takes care of me. And nothing makes this girl swoon like her man taking good care of her. He makes sure I have gas to get home and I let him know when I get home. When I'm at his house, he makes my coffee, or gets me something to drink, or wants to know if I need more food at supper. He strives to serve me in any way he can and that only makes my desire and willingness to follow his leadership that much greater!

If he's in the kitchen with me and I have to get something out of the big cast iron skillet (it's very heavy,) he pours it out for me. When I make pizza, he carries the hot, heavy pizza stones for me. He has big muscles.

It's these things, said or done without a second thought, becoming second nature, that mean the most.

Oh, and being introduced as "Jacob's girlfriend" is sorta awesome. ;)

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