Monday, March 26, 2012

Fish, Strawberries, and Rainbows

No, not eaten together!

Last year, we got quite a strawberry yield. We just have 3 good-size rows, but we ended up picking well over 30 gallons. Or maybe I froze over 30 gallons. I can't remember! Anyway, I made a ton of preserves, in addition to freezing a lot of berries, so we were happy with our strawberry patch. This year, Dad was going to start another patch, and we weren't sure if we would be able to salvage the existing patch. See, we put hay over the rows last year, and I think there were a lot of seeds and stuff in the hay. So, this is how our poor strawberry patch looked, even after a little work. Hint: I worked on the beginning of the row on the far left, so the whole thing looked like the two rows on the right before!
Let me back up, though. Dad had worked in the strawberry patch a few days before. Well, I wasn't doing anything else so I decided to go out and help. So, I started walking down the path in between the rows. Dad had pulled weeds and threw them into the middle, where one would walk. Well, I started looking, and there strawberry babies (small plants) growing in the walkway! I talked to Dad about it, and decided to dig the plants out of the walkway, instead of throwing weeds on the poor dears and walking on them (aHEM) so I started doing just that. I dug and planted over 70 plants in pots, and that was only about half the first row. So, then we started clearing the row itself. Whenever there was a spot that didn't have as many plants, I would transplant the strawberries I'd dug up from the walkway. I still have 50 or so pots that I need to find a place for.

So that's one of the things I've been working on for the past couple days. We've (Dad's been out there with me some) gotten this much done:
It's looking better, but it's still going to be a while before it's all done. My back hurts from bending over, but I really don't mind doing it. It's nice to be able to clean up the rows, and it's good daydreaming time. ;)

I still have a lot of plants that I need to find room for. We may try to sell some of them if there are too many, because there are plants in the other walkways as well. They travel like CRAZY!
There was a rainbow Saturday:
Along with a pretty sunset...
And a handsome guy hanging around, who was apparently feeling peaceful. ;)
That, or he was trying to tell me he's two cute, which I am, of course, already very well aware.

Ok, Sunday, I headed out to Jacob's. The drive is a very pretty one, and one I'm getting used to driving pretty often. :)
I was able to tour our house Sunday, which was a major highlight! It's SOOO exciting!!! I didn't get any pictures...I know, shame on me! I do need to be pictures for our before and after comparisons.

I made this bracelet this past week...

And finally, we went fishing today. The guys went a few days ago, but I was at this one guy's house, so I didn't fish. ;) I went out today but I'm not keen on fishing without planning on eating what you catch. I love catfish fishing, and eating the catfish, but I don't see much point in fishing just for the heck of it.

So, here goes...
I cast. Or is it casted? Cast. Yeah. I cast.
Supposed to watch my bobber. Never have liked that too much.
Oh, look...Dave got one!
Then the dogs ran around the pond and I took pictures of them.
Dangit. Something ate my bait.
So I had to trek over to the bait bucket with empty hook...
Attach said bait...
I cast again...
There comes Mom...
Mom and Dad...
Looks like Dave caught another...
Which reminds me...
No bobber?

Darn. I wanted a catfish!!!
This little guy swallowed the hook pretty good and I couldn't figure out how to get a picture of me removing the hook with the pliers. My hands were kinda full. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure this one will be ok. Dad said the turtles eat the ones that die, though. Guess turtles gotta eat too, huh? Facts of life, folks.

I tried a few more times after this, but never did get a catfish and those darn bluegill kept stealing my bait.

That'll wrap up this post. See y'all later!

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