Friday, March 9, 2012

Basket Making

A while back, our knitting group had a basket-making class (no, we didn't knit it) and Mom and I made a basket. Actually, we made one each, so we made two baskets. I don't think I ever posted pictures of the one I made, so here it is...

The Ellis' (Jacob's family) have a basket class out at their store every now and then, and a few weeks ago Jacob told me that if I wanted to make a basket, he'd pay for it for me. Awwww. He's just so sweet. So I made a basket Wednesday. This one is much bigger and has leather handles! I need to get the finishing stuff you spray on the baskets, and they'll be a different color when I do that...just a little darker, I think.

I had SO much fun! Mrs. Ellis and I spent most of the day together, making our baskets and talking. Jacob took good care of me, even though he wasn't there until the evening (he's working full-time at the sawmill now)...he told his brothers to make sure I had whatever I wanted to eat and drink all day, at the store. :)

The basket class started at 12pm (eastern...Jacob and I are on different time zones!)  and we didn't get done and leave until around 6pm. Everyone else was still working even later! We went up to their house and ate supper, and I watched and held a flashlight for Jacob while he worked on his brother's truck. :) He's such a great guy (and I'm sure he'd fuss at me if he knew I was saying that again...) and I love being able to help him with whatever he's doing...even if it's as simple as holding his flashlight while he changes wheel bearings. :)

So anyway, I made another basket this past week, which is what this post was supposed to be about. ;)

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