Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Practical?

Remember how I said yesterday that it just wasn't practical for Jacob to drive the Amish home from Columbia, come back to see me, and then go home?

Tonight while we were on the phone, Jacob said, rather forlornly, "I could be at your house right now." I replied, just as downcast, "I know." :(

So then he said he could have come, but he wouldn't have been here until 6pm, and he said that was fine with him if I didn't care if he got here that late.

(Seriously, as if I'd care???!!!)

I told him that was definitely fine with me, but that I just didn't think it would be practical for him, to do all that driving.

He said "Who cares about practical??? Do you? Cause I sure don't!"

We decided that maybe next week he'd come during the week.


I think he's practically crazy about me. And I'm practically head over heels for him.

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