Friday, March 16, 2012

Just a Reminder...

In case anyone who wanted to remember has forgotten, and if you didn't want to remember, um....shame on you, I guess!

My birthday is in 13 days. March 29th, if you don't want to do the math.

I have an Amazon wishlist, if you were wondering. (Even clickable...handy! haha!)

If you weren't, oh, well. Now you know that I have an Amazon wishlist anyway!

My grandma is taking me, my mom, and my aunt to Pigeon Forge/Dollywood for our birthdays. My aunt's birthday was at the beginning of March, mine is at the end, and Mom's is April 1st. (She has a wishlist on Amazon, too) We'll be leaving on my birthday and be back sometime the following Saturday.

By the way, I'll be 23. Not real sure how that happened...the other day we were talking about a family trip we made a while back, and were trying to remember how long ago it was. The way I remembered was that we were gone on my 16th birthday. It was a real shocker when I figured up that 7 years ago! Wow.

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  1. Hey Kayla!
    Yes, we looove Groupon and Living Social. Both great sites :] Thanks for the tip though!