Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sad Week

For the past several weeks, Jacob and I have been seeing a lot of each other. We started out with visits every Saturday, you know, and then it was Wednesdays and Saturdays. Then he came here Tuesdays, I went to his house Thursdays, and he came here again Saturday.

Then for the past three weeks, it's been really great. (Like that up there wasn't great enough already!) The first of those three, Jacob was here in town closing on our house on a Friday, so he called me and asked if it was alright for him to come hang out here...Mom and Dad were gone on a date so the boys and I were just hanging out here at the house. That week, we were able to see each other Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The next week, I was making pizza on Friday and he was working down here close to my house. I text him and asked him if he had driven to work or rode with his uncle and cousin (they all were working at the same sawmill.) He had driven (lucky me!,) so he came over for pizza. So once again, we saw each other four times that week. Then last week, he came Tuesday, I went to the basket class and then his house Wednesday, he came after work Friday and went to a meeting at church with us, and then he came over again Saturday, going to church with us again.

But this week. This week is sad. :( I can't remember if I've already said it here or not, but Jacob now has a full time job at the sawmill. His uncle quit so he got his job. Well, turns out, his cousin quit last week as well. That wouldn't be a big deal, but they were driving some of the Amish workers, from out where they live. (a lot of Jacob's extended family lives out where Jacob lives, as do a lot of Amish) Now that they both quit, Jacob is the only "English" (non-Amish) sawmill worker from out that way, so he's the one who has to tote the Amish now. Which means he has to take them home after work. Which means he can't come here after work. Well, he could, but he wouldn't be able to get here until nearly 6pm my time (which is 7pm his time...he's on Eastern) and he'd be driving home from Columbia (35-40 minutes,) dropping off the Amish, driving back to Columbia, spend two or three hours with me, and then drive back home. Just not practical.

So, for now and the foreseeable future, it looks like we're back to seeing each other twice a week. I'll be going over there Wednesday and he'll still be coming Saturday. While that's not as great as the past few weeks, I am still so thankful for the time we get to spend together! He is working so hard, and I am so very thankful for everything he's doing, because I know he's doing it for us! That's a very humbling thought for me...this man loves me so much and is working this hard to provide a life for us...providing for me. He bought a house because of me...because we make "us!" He leaves his house in time to pick up the Amish guys and gets to work (which is probably 45 minutes from his house) by 7am (central time...the time does get confusing!) and doesn't get home until 5pm or so. He does that Monday through Friday and then works at their store on Saturdays, from 6am to 12pm, Eastern time. He is such a hard worker! Whenever he isn't working his jobs, he is always helping someone else fix something...last Saturday after he worked at the store he helped someone fix their car. Wednesday when I was at their house, he was helping one of his brothers fix his truck. One day last week, on his way here, someone was trying to put out a fire on the side of the road and he stopped and helped them. (Boy...he sounds too good to be true, doesn't he??!!!)

(About the underlined portion night soon after the house stuff got rolling, we were talking about it all and I kept saying "us" and "our" a lot, and finally caught myself. Our relationship is a serious thing, and we're in this together for the long haul, but it still hit me that I thought I was sounding a little presumptuous, maybe. I mean, we both know what our end goal is here, but it was still just a little weird to's hard to explain. So I said something to the effect that I hoped I wasn't using "us" and "our" too much in our conversations about the house. In response to that, Jacob said to me "why do you think I bought the place?!")

Even though Jacob is so wonderful, he'd be the last person to tell you so. He never tries to make himself sound good or lift himself up...quite the opposite really. He always tries to do the right thing. He told me to quit talking so great about him, but...well, I'm just stating the facts here. :D

I can be gushy and mushy and lovey-dovey and spend all my time telling y'all what a great man Jacob is...what a great man I have. It's my job...and my privilege. I am the most blessed and happiest woman alive!

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