Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our House!

So, if you've been reading for long, you know that Jacob bought a house in February. I will never forget the day that he bought was a Saturday and he was due to come for a visit. You can read the story here. That night after he left, he texted me and said "Lord willing, it will be our house." I'll never forget that either...would you?!

Our house needed a lot of work. Like, seriously, a lot. I've held off with the pictures so far, honestly because it looked rough, and while Jacob and I (as well as our immediate family, who are all thrilled for this opportunity for us) could see what it would become, we knew it might be hard for some people to see what we saw. :) We're both very fixer-minded and have grown up with that something that needs work for a lot less than normal, fix it up, and end up with something better than you could afford. This is just another thing that I am so very thankful for in Jacob. He can do anything and will do anything. (Just get used to the bragging, k? It's my privilege and joy and will be abundant!)

Jacob has been working on the house ever since February but in the last couple months you can really see the results. I mean, we could see the results before, but it was stuff like floor joists that would be covered up. :) I don't have pictures from as soon as he bought the house, but I do have some after he'd done a little work. The folks that lived there before...well, it was rough. The first little bit of sheetrock had been wet and was rotten in parts of the house, the floors joists had to be cut out and replaced..all that sort of stuff. Here are some starter pictures...

This is our house from the road...
This is our living room...looking in from the front door. The master bedroom is the door you can see on the right... This is after the rotten joists have been cut out and replaced, before the sheetrock was put in.
This is looking from the front door into the kitchen. The bathroom is the door you can see on the right. You can see part of the subflooring he'd put in at this point. The kitchen sink had leaked hence the yucky sheetrock in the kitchen. We saved the top cabinets but had to tear out the bottom ones.
This is looking towards the living room from the kitchen area. The rooms on the far wall are the master bedroom, on the left, and the spare bedroom on the right. That's the front door that's open...
Another view of the kitchen...this one's better...
This is looking into the bathroom, but you can't see much...the toilet is on the left and the shower is on the right..
And this is looking the opposite direction, out towards the kitchen. The washer and dryer goes on the right...and the sink is on the left.
Alrighty, now fast forward a few weeks! In this next set of pictures, all the subflooring is in and the new sheetrock is in.

Looking into the living room...
Looking into the kitchen from the living room...
This is wall the bathroom is on...the other room is a small room that used to be a bedroom. (that story to come in a minute!)
Looking towards the front door... forward a few more weeks! A couple weeks ago now, it was a Monday and I was on the phone with Jacob. I asked him what he'd done that day and he said "oh, just piddled around with stuff here and there..." and I just said ok. Well, Tuesday when I went out to their house, he took me over to our house so we could do some cleaning, and I think I hollered when he opened the door! His "piddling" was spending about 11 hours painting the whole kitchen and living room! He LOVES to surprise me like that and it is incredible! It looked AMAZING and I was SO excited! Over the next week or so, we had picked all the colors and he'd painted the whole house.

That day when I was over there cleaning, a couple cousins stopped in at different times. Once, one of them asked what the little room was going to be (the one on the same wall as the bathroom, in the kitchen area)  and I hollered in there and said I was wanting a craft room! They laughed and kept on talking. That cousin left and a little while later another one stopped in. He also asked Jacob about that room, and I heard Jacob say "oh, that's her sewing room!"

Awwww. :)

He put down flooring sheets as a relatively temporary floor, until we put hardwood down later on. Then he stained the floor in the living room...we'll be putting linoleum in the kitchen this week. All of the other rooms have a good floor that didn't need replacing.

So, here's looking into the living room from the front door...(there were spots on my camera lens!)
From the back of the living room looking at the front door...
The kitchen area...

(We do have a washer, dryer, and stove of last week!!!)

This is the bathroom...pretty light blue!
Cleaning supplies on the bathroom counter :)
This is my sewing room! It's turquoise!
The master bedroom....a gorgeous light green! Jacob and I separately said we though light green would nice. :) That happens a lot!
Looking into the kitchen...the linoleum will go where the floor isn't stained.
Alright, that's it so far! We'll get the linoleum this week, new doorjambs in, baseboards in, new switchplate covers, all that sort of stuff! It's so exciting!

I LOVE when Jacob provides for me. The feeling coming from this is so amazing...the excitement in his voice when he shows me something he's done in our's wonderful! :D


  1. This looks fabulous! You have done an amazing job, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures once you're all moved in:)
    Congratulations to you both!


  2. Thank you, but I can't take much credit for the work that's gone into it! Jacob has done most all of the work himself, with occasional help from family and a neighbor. I've cleaned some windows and picked the paint colors, and that's about it! Oh, and just loved and supported and encouraged the handyman like crazy. :)

  3. Well worth the wait, in my opinion! Looks great! Thanks for this! And hopefully when it is all done, we can see it again? Like with furniture in? That would be great! =) Looks like a great place - nice and cozy =)

  4. I love the different colored rooms....they're turning out beautiful. Like Kellie said, can't wait to see pics when you're all moved in! :)

  5. I LOVED reading this post. You brought back a lot of happy memories for me about when we bought our house 16 years ago I loved those early days setting everything up just so. We have nine children now and my decorating has pretty much disappeared as other things have taken over but it is so sweet to see a young christian couple just starting out and seeing how God works everything out in those busy days of wedding plans, house projects etc. The years really go so fast. Take the time to remember all the details . We will be happy when and if you decide to share the Finished house pictures. I am glad you shared your colors with us because my girls and I wanted to send a small gift after you are settled in. ( If that is okay with both of you.) It won't be much but just a little something. :)