Friday, August 31, 2012

The End

Of my single life, anyway. I still really can't believe all this is happening, that it's happening to me. It's my wedding, people keep asking me I'm in charge or something!!! I mean, I'm getting married tomorrow, people!

So anywho...this is officially my last post as a single girl, as my married life with my Prince Charming begins at 2pm CST tomorrow. Only there's no white horse...but I'll take a gold Jeep. ;)

I've been going all day today...started out the day by taking some of my out-of-town family to see our house, then they took Jacob and me out to lunch, then we went to the church and spent a little while setting up and directing, then I came home and got my cake, took it to the church, set up and directed some more, then more of my family came in to my (well, Mom and Dad's) house so Jacob and I came back here to the house to meet all of them (Jacob's only ever met one of my sets of grandparents before today) and we visited for a little while. Then we went back to the church, met the sound tech and learned all about the sound system, then the preacher got there so we started going over vows. Then my parents got there and we had full rehearsal. And we are both going to be nervous, that's for sure. I've kept my cool so far...been so busy worrying about everything, I hadn't even gotten nervous about the actual process. Well, lemme tell you what. Walking down that aisle to the bridal march, Daddy giving me away, taking Jacob's hands and pledging my life, love, and devotion to hit me. I'm nervous now. We went through the vows enough, I really think we're married already... We just didn't sign the marriage license yet is all.

After all of that..running through everything about three times (and praying Jacob doesn't marry "Sheala Kay Custer" like he said earlier...and that I quit laughing...) we finished up there and went out to eat. Seeing that the only restaurant in town is the Mexican, everyone in town for our wedding was there as well, so it was one big party. Sort of.

Then we parted ways, but then Jacob and I and a bunch of other family ended up at Walmart, where someone mentioned that we should page Jacob (we all went separate and I hadn't seen him there yet) and my uncle was nice enough to do it for me, since I was embarrassed. He said "Will the groom-to-be, Jacob Ellis, please come to customer service?" It was sooo fun! And wouldn't you know...a few minutes later, here comes Jacob. :) He might have been a little miffed that I was just messing with him and didn't really need anything. I could've text him if I needed something though. :)

I'm still not nervous about what we're doing. I'm not nervous at all about getting married. It's my dream come true. I am, however, nervous about being up there in front of everyone, being the center of attention, and having to talk coherently then. That's something to worry about. I'm really not nervous at all about everything going just doesn't really matter is everything goes exactly the way we planned. What matters is at the end of the day, we'll be Mr. and Mrs. and that's what's important. Jacob feels the same way, but he's also nervous about being up there. He's liable to just sweat away, if the rehearsal was any indication of how tomorrow will go!

Soooo, that's all folks. No more Kayla Custer. See y'all.


  1. Not that you'll see this today, but I'm thinking of you all and praying!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful day!! It will all go smoothly and soon enough you will be an old married woman! I was so nervous at my wedding people said they could see my knees shaking through my dress. But you'll be fine and it will all be over in a few hours. Have fun!