Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Plans and More Plans!

I'm moving all my stuff into our house. Wow. I have too much stuff! I've already taken a couple car-loads out and I'll be taking another one or two this week. Most all of my stuff is all packed up...packed all my books this week and they're ready to be taken. I'm going to go through my clothes probably tomorrow, set aside outfits for the honeymoon, a few to wear over the next week, and then pack and move the rest. Only, I can just picture myself having to call Jacob this weekend and saying "honey, I'd really like to wear that yellow skirt with the blue flowers and it's in our think you can stop on your way over and bring it for me?" Yep. I can totally see that happening.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in town. We went and got our marriage license, bought our wedding rings (!!!!!) and bought a bunch of stuff for our house...curtain rods, a shower curtain, a kitchen curtain...bunch of stuff along those lines. I had to go back to town today and I went and ordered my bouquet along with a few flowers for my cake (my bouquet will be close to this, just coral roses) and bought a couple more things for the house.

Jacob bought me the prettiest wedding ring...they had a plan silver band, a plain white gold band, and then this pretty little thing with diamonds in it, one that looks a whole lot like it matches my engagement ring. It was also the most expensive of the three we looked at. Guess which one he bought me. :) He's so saaahhhweeeet to me. I tried the cheaper ones on, but I kept looking over at that sparkly diamond one. He said "you want to try that other do, don't you?" and I kinda made a funny face and said "naaaahhh it's a lot more money" so he said "Excuse me, ma'am...she'd like to try that one there on." So I did, and I loved it, but it was...oh, twice the money. I tried them all, and he said he liked the diamond one too, and he could tell I loved it, so that's what he got me. We both wanted to wear them now. :D His is a titanium looks nice....just not as sparkly and shiny as mine. But I guess you could probably guess that that doesn't bother him too much. :) Last night we both kept putting them on and looking at them, then at each other and smiling a little gushy and ridiculous, I'd say...if you could have seen us!

We are soooo excited. Yesterday he was lamenting the fact that this weekend, our original wedding day, didn't work out. But it's just one more week now...10 days, actually.

By the way, I really don't think it's a good sign when I listen to my wedding music playlist and my throat feels funny and I tear up... Yikes. This could be scary.

I went on Amazon and found music I liked and made a playlist with that, as well as music from a few CDs we have already. I found a bridal march I ADORE, from Amazon, and built everything around that. I'm going to burn a CD with my playlist and then play it over the church sound system. That should work pretty well, I think. I've spent a few weeks working on it now...the other day I listened to half a dozen classical CDs trying to pinpoint songs I liked best. By the way, did you know that if you look up "wedding march" on Amazon's MP3 section, there are thousands of choices? And you have to pick the right one for you. It's HARD! Nope, this one's too Spanish-sounding, this one's too orchestral and high-highfalutin, this one's too casual and country...etc, etc. That part got old. One day I was sitting on my bed with my computer, listening to song after song (I think this was when I was picking the bridal march) and Dad came by for the 17th time or so, and he said "Oh! I have an idea!!!" Mom and I looked at him like "oookkkaaay...what?" He said "Let's listen to more wedding songs!!!" Very funny.

But, I finally have my playlist done. Now to burn it...

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  1. I loved reading your plans. So excited for you both.~Nikki