Friday, February 24, 2012

The Secret's Out...

Today was the day. A very exciting day. The day we've been waiting for for three weeks now.

A very special person signed some pretty important papers today.

You may have guessed, the very special person is Jacob.

He bought a house.

He bought a house.

He bought a HOUSE!

Our house.

Ok, rewind back to February 4th. Said special person texted me that morning, which was a Saturday. He asked what time he should come over. I asked him what time he was thinking, and he said "right now?" It was about 1pm, and I didn't think he was serious. He'd never been able to come earlier than about 3pm, so I kinda said "sure!" and then asked if he was thinking 3pm or so. Well, he really was serious, and when I figured that out, I really said "sure!" and went about drying my hair. It would've been dry by 3pm but you wouldn't have caught me complaining. ;)

Anyway, Jacob got here by 2pm or so and I was still cooking in the kitchen. So, he sat in the living room and I joined him as soon as I was finished. I walked in the living room and he had the biggest smile on his face. He said "I've got something to tell you....I bought a house!"

I think I said "are you serious?" He hadn't mentioned anything about buying a house, and that's the sort of thing he'd mention, you know!

He assured me he was, and started telling me about it all. Turns out, he'd seen it for sale just that morning, on his way home from work, and long story shorter, stopped and talked to the folks and told them he wanted to buy it! He was just the most adorable guy ever that day...he was nearly jumping with excitement all afternoon!

That's why he was so anxious to come see me as soon as possible, so he could tell me the incredible news! It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house, on 3/4 acre, with an outbuilding with electric. It's two places down from his parents' house. :) (it's about 40 minutes from my current habitation)

So anyway, that's the news...the big secret I've been keeping. We wanted to make sure everything was sure and final before telling everyone. :) He closed on the house today, and we're so very excited! He called me this afternoon to tell me it was all done, and that he was at know, just down the he came and hung around for a while this evening. Mom and Dad were gone on a date tonight and the boys and I were just hanging around doing boring things, so he came and hung around with us.

We've got a little work to do on the house, but Jacob is so amazing, he can do anything. No, I'm not biased...why on earth would you think that??? Weirdos.

So, as I've already said, we're so very excited to have our house, and I'm excited to finally be able to share it here. Life is good.

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