Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Hate Colds and...

And I love Valentine's Day. ;)

Let's see...the Sunday before Valentine's Day, I went to Jacob's family's house for a party. They had a bunch of people over there and all the married folks played the newlywed game. Being the only unmarried couple there, we got plenty of teasing...Jacob's sisters thought it would be a great idea to set us up in the middle of the room and ask us questions about each other. Thankfully, we didn't have to endure that!We had a good time just hanging out with everyone, being teased something awful, and eating too much. :)

Monday, I asked Jacob if he wanted to come Tuesday instead of Wednesday, you know...being that Tuesday was Valentine's Day and all. I thought it would be kinda cheesy not to see him on our first Valentine's Day ever! He said sure, so we planned on it. Actually, he said "what's tomorrow :)" and I said "Tuesday!" I planned a nice meal and dressed up a little fancier than usual, and Dad made sure to tell me to be prepared for anything...in other words, don't cry or be mad at him if he doesn't do anything for Valentine's Day! Dad also said not to measure other guys by him (dad) because no one would ever compare...

(Later, when I told Jacob what Dad had told me, he said "You didn't really think I'd forget Valentine's Day, did you?!")

So, Tuesday afternoon, I met Jacob out on the porch like I always do when he comes over, and he had an armful of "stuff" and said "I got you something..."


So, a necklace...and a big box (a heart, actually) full of chocolates...and the saaahweeetest card you've ever seen...only you're not going to see it. Ahem. :) It was really nice.

We had a great time Tuesday, but we always have a great time when we're together. Tuesday afternoon, Jacob's phone quit texting, and he couldn't get it to work at all. It's been on and off for the past couple weeks, but it always ends up working again. Well, not this time...after a few days, he had to go buy a new phone and it took forever to get it switched over, which means we had to go 6 days without texting at all. I was on the verge of going crazy! We did end up talking on the phone more, which was nice. :)

Last Thursday, I went over to his family's house for the first time, just me, just to hang out. I've been there several times over the past few months, but always at a get-together or something. Actually, I take that back...when I went to the funeral with them in November, I hung around in the afternoon afterwards and had a nice time, just sitting and visiting with his family. Anyway, this time was different...I was going for the sole purpose of them getting to know me. Jacob and I had talked about the fact that I needed to spend more time with his family, after all, I'll be around them a lot! I had talked to his mom on the phone the previous week and she mentioned it too, that they wanted to spend more time with me, so I knew I really needed to spend time over there. So anyway...

Earlier Thursday, I kinda felt like I might be getting the cold the boys had had, so I took some medicine before I went over there, around 4pm. I felt ok, not too great, but ok....but then I started feeling a little dizzy later in the evening. I didn't think too much about it...it was just when I got up off the couch or something, but I mentioned it to Jacob. Well, his mom heard, and she got worried...actually, they all got worried! So, in a hour or so, when I said I needed to be going home, they said "I don't think so!" They were worried about me driving feeling dizzy, so Jacob drove me home (40 minutes one way) and his dad followed to take him back home. Awww. He's sweet. Actually, he said it was fun, and has mentioned that maybe I should get someone to drop me off at their house so that he can drive me home again. ;) He borrowed his brother's phone when he got home, to text and check on me. (I can just hear you oohhing and aahhing!)

So, that was the beginning of my cold. I spent the next day in bed pretty much, and Jacob went to work with one of his cousins. He didn't have texting, remember, and I was down about that. Just after lunchtime, I was half asleep in my bed and my phone rings.


Yes, it was Jacob, calling me from work, just to check on me and see how I was feeling. We talked again that night (Friday) and then he called me again Saturday morning to see how I was. He said then he might not be able to come since I was sick...taking it home to 10 other people wouldn't be nice or fun, understandably! I understood, but I was a tiny bit sad, even though I felt awful and looked like death warmed over. He said he'd talk to his mom later and see what she thought. Well, he called back that afternoon and said he'd come, if I still wanted him to come.

I said "you're funny!" :cough cough cough cough sniff:

So he came Saturday and we had pizzas. I so did not feel like cooking and Jacob told me not to, but the only other alternative at that point (other than making popcorn or something silly like that) was to go buy pizzas, and dad said he would...but then "homemade sure is better...." So, I made pizzas. I didn't fix my hair nice or put even the tiniest smidgen of makeup on (I only wear tiny smidgens anyway) and I coughed and sniffed and moaned and groaned...and he still came back today. I think that's a good sign. ;)

Let's see...Sunday we stayed home. Everyone that had been sick, even if they weren't still feeling bad and sick (like me) had a horrid cough that sounds like we've been smoking for years and years. This strain of cold has a nasty nasty cough that we can't seem to shake. The boys have had it now for a couple weeks, I guess.

For the time being, Jacob and I are visiting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday...he comes here Tuesday and Saturday and I go there Thursday, as well as whenever I'm over there on Sundays. It's hard getting as comfortable in someone else's family as you are in your own, but that's what we're working on! Jacob is comfortable here, and feels at home (as far as I know!) but I need more work! Dad's trying to keep up with who's going where when and since it's changed a couple times in the past couple weeks, it's taking some work! This morning, I came into the kitchen, and he and mom were standing there, and he said "ok, mom says Jacob's coming today?" <nod> "and you're going over there Thursday?" <nod> "well, I'm trying to take your mom on a date and I'm trying to work around your and Jacob's schedule!" He was being funny about it, and the way he said it was goofy. Maybe you had to be here... :) Anyway, Mom and Dad love Jacob and are still enthusiastic about everything that's going on. It's definitely different, with me being gone over there sometimes, but it's all good. It's all great, really! I guess it's all part of changing phases in life. Not that I'm complaining!

We're still just as happy as ever...actually happier, I think...if that were possible, and we're both very excited about that little secret I mentioned in my last post. I should be able to tell y'all soon...probably by the end of this week. It's killing me! The problem is, we're waiting to hear from something or someone else, so it's not exactly set in stone yet, although it kinda is... Grr....I just want to say it already!!!

I haven't taken hardly any pictures lately, which is why there aren't any on my blog, obviously. I take ones of Jacob, mostly on my iPod, but he says those look goofy and "don't put them anywhere!" meaning here on my blog, I assume! They're cute and you don't get to see them...nananananana. I need to get back to cooking tutorials and the kitchen pictures! I still need to get pictures of our new kitchen island....I'm waiting on the kitchen to be clean. Haha...just kidding, the kitchen stays fairly clean. I just keep forgetting to get pictures of the island. I honestly don't know how we lived without it! I think I'm going to need one in my kitchen on day. Maybe I should start a list...

That'll do for now, I'm sure...now that I've written a small booklet summing up the past couple weeks. I do still do other things, you know...other than talk to my amazing man. I scrubbed the floors in the house today (took 3 hours) and I've been sewing for hours every day. A sewing room...that's on my list, too.

Talk to y'all later! 


  1. Miss it when I have to wait for ages to hear what's happening!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your fun!

  2. Goooooddddnnnnnessssss girl. You're perfectly sappily in love. badabing. :)

  3. I'll try to do better with updates, Betsy!

    I dunno, Elisabeth...you really think so??? ;)

    Nicole, I'm being careful with the list. I've learned to be careful with lists anyway, but I feel pretty confident about this imaginary list. ;) We'll see...