Thursday, February 9, 2012


Ok, here's February's post.

Haha...just kidding. I might do better this month. Maybe.

You see, my life's pretty normal for me these days. So, I just don't write about it! I'm sure that y'all will eventually get tired of hearing about my wonderful man (such a foreign concept to me...what's wrong with you people anyway???) and if I write anything, that's what's going to come out, no bones about it!

Let's I haven't cooked much out of the ordinary lately. My family still makes fun of me, saying we only eat good on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but they're terribly wrong. They just don't think about every other night of the week, or something. Take tonight, for example...PW's pork chops, or maybe Tuesday, when we had Alabama Shrimp Bake. Yeah, they're really hurting for good food around here.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I did try PW's stuffed mushrooms. Believe it or not, I'd never made stuffed mushrooms. I'm good at trying new recipes on Jacob. He's so wonderful though (told you) he's great about anything I make. I've made a couple things he's not crazy about (shocker...he doesn't love guacamole or spicy mustard with egg rolls! I don't know what to do!) but he's super sweet and jokes with me about it. (I read years ago that guys tease the girls they like. I think it's true. ;) ) A couple times I've made stuff everyone else wasn't crazy about, and he'd eat more just to make me feel better, I think. I make ugly stuff and he says "it still tastes good!" Like I said I'd say...he is truly wonderful.

I'm sorry...I was talking about mushrooms! I was already into making them when Jacob got here yesterday. After I helped him change the light bulbs in the van he was driving (ok, I watched. I handed him a bulb. That's helping, right?) he came in and told me how nasty the filling looked while I was mixing it up (he was dead on, too) and then tasted it for me. (Such a sweetie. Yes, I'm hopeless. Thanks for noticing.) Then he helped me fill them. Well, if you notice on PW's recipe, these are "spicy." Well, only if you aren't distracted by a very handsome man making eyes at you while you're mixing said filling and saying funny things to make you smile....because if you weren't distracted by said amazing guy, you wouldn't forget the hot sauce. I don't forget things in recipes. I'm calm and collected while cooking.

Most of the time.

It's the pheromones, at least, that's what Debi Pearl says. I haven't personally studied out the science behind it.

Anyway, I forgot the hot sauce and I'm blaming it on my boyfriend. He's terribly distracting.

So, our stuff mushrooms weren't spicy in the least. I knew Dad and I and Jacob were the only ones that would like them at all, and I think Jacob liked them most...unless he just carried on that much just for me. Which wouldn't be unheard of, considering. I got them out of the oven, placed them on the counter, Jacob popped one in. I looked at him carefully for his approval (strictly approval) and he said one word, around his mushroom.


That'll work. That'll definitely work. I smiled.

Anyway, you should try those mushrooms sometime. They're pretty good. :) They might be better if you remember the hot sauce. ;)

Last night I made BBQ sandwiches for our main dish. When we butchered our pigs last time, we packaged up bones that had a little meat on them, instead of taking hours to clean the bones really well, or worse...throwing them away. When I make BBQ, I just cook several bones in a roaster for hours and hours, most of the time covered with the BBQ spice rub. Then I sort through all the meat, fat, and bone, and get out the meat. (Duh) Well, that's not really the most fun job to do, honestly. I highly recommending finding a cute guy that loves to help everyone, especially his special girl. It makes the job much more enjoyable. We double-teamed that roaster full of meat and had it done in...well, it still took a while, but under the circumstances, I didn't mind too much. ;) We had fun.

Ok, enough about last night's meal. Let's see...last week Jacob came Wednesday and Saturday, and spent nearly all day Sunday with me as well. He got to meet some friends of ours that came for a visit, and he went to church with me Sunday morning. Someone told me to get a better camera because he was cuter than my pictures made him look. Is that possible? I've tried to tell y'all!

What the past month or so, Dad and Dave built us an island in our kitchen. I stained it to match everything else and put an obscene amount of polyurethane on the countertop, and Mom says it still needs more. (We have plywood countertops.) It looks nice and one of these days I'll get a picture of it on here for y'all to see. Or you could just come visit. On a Wednesday or Saturday, preferably. You know, since that's the only time my family eats well. ;)

You wouldn't believe the food jokes going around here these days, I mean, besides the one about them not eating good. I guess seeing that the possibility (I don't think that's the right word though) of me not being here is a lot more real these days. We keep saying things like Dad will call me up and want to know if I have any chocolate chip cookies made....things like that. (Mom's been on this diet and I think he's a little scared of his future menu, maybe?)

Speaking of Mom's diet, she's been eating good and running...yeah running. Like 3.1 miles, kind of running. I went with her today and it could be considered attempted manslaughter. She tried to kill me.  I told her it wasn't exactly fair that I just jump in and go with her after she's been doing it long enough to actually do it. I don't remember, but I think she probably said something motherly and loving like, "Life's not fair, get over it, ya sissy!" I don't know...maybe that's just what I heard as she ran on past me. I think I was suffering from oxygen deprivation so my senses probably couldn't be trusted. I texted Jacob and told him she was trying to kill me, but he was working so I didn't get much sympathy.

By the way, if you want to scare your girlfriend silly, it happens best if your phone quits working when you're on the way home late at night, your brother's asleep so you can't use his phone, and you don't text to tell her that you got home safe and goodnight (like you've done every night for the past few months.) She'll go crazy picturing all kinds of scary scenarios, including, but not limited to, your vehicle upside down in a ravine somewhere, stuff like that. Not that I'd know, but I imagine that would be scary. ;)

It's time for me to get supper finished up and on the table, so I'll close for now. I'm sure there's something else I wanted say, but I can't think of it right now. Oh, I apparently have a piece of glass embedded in the tip of my thumb and it hurts. How's that for news???

Talk to all y'all later!

P.S. I'm keeping a huge wonderful secret right now, too, and it's terrible that I can't tell y'all yet! No jumping to's a hint. It doesn't include a sparkly circle. Well, not really. ;) Hopefully I'll be able to let the proverbial cat out of the bag before too long! We're excited!

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