Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here I Am...

Finally, at long last! Well, I've been here all along, just not writing much about it, apparently! I'll try to sum up the past 10 days in a not-too-awful-long post.


I have a few new pictures so I'll start by posting them...

I cleaned the oven. Like, spent all day IN the oven, inhaling copious amounts of Easy-Off, and acting very silly afterwards. Jake said I should've had a mask on. Oops. Seriously, I used Easy-Off, and it didn't get nearly everything off, so I used the plastic scraper, which didn't get everything off. I used SOS pads, which didn't get everything off, and I finally resorted to a metal spatula, which got everything off. That, and a few hours of elbow grease. It was a BIG job. I'd post a before picture, but someone would probably report us to some government was dirty.

It's been snowing some...Philip decided to go with a Russian look one day, and the snow really helped the look he was going for! No, I really have no earthly idea WHY he wanted to be Russian. Just one of those things, I guess. Everyone wants to be Russian at some point in their life, right???


With four coffee-drinkers in the house, our 12-cup pot just doesn't last long enough, or go far enough. With our new 36-cup coffee maker, that really shouldn't be a problem. Like, ever.

Yes, we love snacking on nuts.

I've been sewing a LOT in the past week or so. Rylie does everything with me, and sewing is no different. She stole my ruler, as you can see, if you look close.

Let's see...I have a few pictures from today but I'm trying to remember what else we've done in the past week and a half. Sewing...that's about it, I guess! This past Wednesday, Dave had a business trip planned to Berea, KY...nearly two hours away. Dad was going to go with him, but Dave said that if we wanted, Jacob and I could go instead and we could all spend the day together. Jacob and I talked about it (ok, so I asked him if he'd pretty please go with me...) and he said he could go.

We went out to lunch, then Dave did his meeting thing while Jake and I walked around, then we went to get a coffee. We bought Jacob his first coffee-shop coffee (:) ) and Dave got a couple pictures of us, but all I had with me was my iPod and they didn't turn out so well. We stopped at the Berea Arts Center on the way back and walked around for a little while, then came home for supper. It was a really fun day. :)

Today Jacob got here a little earlier than usual, which was nice. :) I made pizza, which was good, but took a long time. But it was fun...I had help. ;) I know this one's fuzzy but it really captures what we do best...laugh together!

Um...I *like* this guy.

You know, I've read courtship stories. I've seen courtship pictures. And I've come to a conclusion. I'm just not going to have the perfect pictures where I look nice. It just ain't gonna happen. I'm going to laugh and look goofy, but I guess that's just me. Lucky for me, Jacob likes me like I am. :) He thinks I look nice even when I laugh my head off. :P That's a really good thing. We'll have to try for more serious looking pictures something. Hahaha. Right.

I need to wrap this up for now. I just realized something the other day...I never did post any more pictures from our GA/FL trip! Shame on me! I need to work on that...

Jake's job at the sawmill was short-lived, lasting just over a week. We were pretty bummed about that, even moreso because we'd (at least, I) had gotten in our heads he was going to be close to my house during the week, making weekday visits convenient. So needless to say, I was a little down when I found out Monday they let him go. (such a nice way to say such a rotten thing!!!) However, my guy thinks I'm important enough to drive 25 miles in the middle of the week, for no other reason than just to see me. Well....and eat the food, I guess. ;) I told him I was going to start cooking yucky stuff to see how strong his devotion was. ;) So, at least this past week, we still had a mid-week visit. :)

If I blogged more often, I'd just talk about Jacob more, you know. So maybe it's a good thing I'm not updating more often...what do y'all think?!

Talk to y'all later!


  1. You are at a fun time of life - we are bearing up with you! Makes me remember just how fun it was!!!! Do enjoy!



  2. That last picture is one of my favorites so far! Your smile is seriously the beaming kind. =)

    Great job on the oven, by the way... I don't think ours will ever look like that again.

  3. We are enjoying, Betsy...thank you!

    Me, beaming? I dunno... ;)

  4. "Here I am. . ." Where? That was January. This is Febuary. :-)