Monday, January 2, 2012


2012...however did that happen???

Well, my whole family went to Jacob's family's place for a New Year's Eve party. We drove two cars, because Dad certainly wasn't going to stay very late, and he figured I'd want to. Smart guy. Jacob's mom organized a cooking competition which was really fun, and then everyone played games and ping-pong. Pretty much everyone else played and Jacob kept bugging me to play. He's hard to say no to. :) I said no for a loong time, but by the time 1am rolled around, what the heck! So, Jake's best friend's wife and I played. It was awful, terrible, and the guys (Jacob and his friend and Dave) had a great time laughing at us. Everything and everyone gets a little crazier at that time of night, or morning. Dave had stayed late with me and we didn't leave until about 1:45 or so, eastern time...I think. It's a little better, since we're on central we ended up getting home around 1:15am our time.

Several of the women played Phase 10 earlier in the evening (you know, 10pm) and Jacob's sister ended up winning. There were 8 of us playing, I guess, so it went very very slowly! We didn't even play the whole game and we still played for well over an hour, I believe!

We didn't do anything out of the ordinary yesterday...just church, as usual. I did take a nap in the afternoon to try to make up for the night before, but that didn't work too well. Oh well...

I'm not one for sentimental reflections on the old year, or new resolutions for the new, but I will say this: 2011 didn't start out good for me. The first few months were pretty rough for me personally, for reasons that are too personal for me to post. The middle of 2011 was ok...I was happy and content (finally...contentment isn't something that comes easy for me) and my relationship with my family healed. (Without going into detail, I had really made a mess of things.) And then, after I was happy and content for a little while (to an extent...I've always wanted marriage and a family, so that desire has never gone away) something happened...something that has changed my life. The last few months have unarguably been the best months of my life. I have a feeling this new year is going to be incredible and I can't wait to see what happens! :)

So, here's to a happy new year for everyone! 


  1. Kayla,

    Have enjoyed reading your blogs over the past year. Praying that your 2012 is a wonderful year for you! I remember the stage you are going through (wasn't that long ago for me) and hope that with all the excitement you remember to keep in touch with the Lord - with Him is true contentment no matter what!

    2011 was not entirely an easy year for me with the horrible pregnancy but the birth of my gorgeous little boy was so good and we are enjoying life with our two little blessings!



  2. Wishing you all the best. Walk with God.